The College of Arts & Sciences is home to the liberal arts and sciences that characterize John Carroll University’s nationally recognized Jesuit education. Our goal is to help students develop the broad-based knowledge, critical-thinking abilities, and values-based leadership skills needed to serve and succeed in a complex global society.

The College of Arts & Sciences offers a wide array of rigorous learning opportunities and life-changing experiences for students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our core curriculum provides students with a solid foundation for their future studies at John Carroll. Our 16 academic departments offer more than 80 distinct majors and minors and 20 graduate degrees. These programs prepare students for their careers, graduate and professional school, and involvement in their communities and world. Students also can pursue interdisciplinary programs that combine courses from more than one academic discipline, including business.

Through coursework, internships, and research experiences, the College of Arts & Sciences educates students to consider and address important issues in creative, ethically conscious, and globally engaged ways.