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Building an Engaged Campus Community: RSVP for Additional Sessions

For full descriptions, please see the Building an Engaged Campus Community program from the January 12, 2018 event.

  • Please select the sessions you are interested in attending.
  • This session will explore ways to incorporate service-learning, project-based learning, and a community-based research approach in your course. Sr. Katherine Feely, SND, Maryellen Callanan (Center for Service and Social Action), Malia McAndrew (History), Tahani Dari (Counseling)
  • This workshop is intended to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of faculty/staff members to understand and support students in distress and to promote mental wellness and resiliency on campus. Mark Onusko (Counseling Center), Sherri Crahen (Dean of Students), Catherine Sherman (Academic Advising)
  • A conversation about supporting students who don’t meet our “typical” JCU profile: transfer students, commuter students, international students. Stacey Love (Admission), Kyle O’Dell (Student Engagement), Megan McBride (Global Education)