The CAS Deans Office invites nominations and expressions of interest for the position of Associate Dean for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Associate Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences will work closely with and under the direction of the Dean to serve the departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences division. The position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Support the CAS strategic planning process
  • Provide accurate information to the division faculty in a manner coordinated with the other Associate Deans and under the direction of the Dean
  • Assist department chairs with managing academic scheduling, curricular planning, and course enrollments
  • Assist departments with assessment and serve as liaison to departments for Academic Program Review
  • Work with student issues, faculty issues, and parent issues as they arise
  • Participate in the faculty hiring process: attend teaching demonstration and provide feedback to the Dean
  • Oversee changes for sections of bulletin
  • Participate in enrollment, outreach, advising, persistence and retention efforts per direction of Dean
  • Review budgets with chairs
  • Work with faculty, departments, and faculty governance to cultivate new programs.
  • Collaborate with the Director of the Core Curriculum to plan, implement, and assess the integrative Core per direction of the Dean; serve as liaison to the Core Committee
  • Coordinate Fine Arts offerings with relevant staff and Provost’s Office
  • Cultivate positive citizenship and collegiality in the university
  • Work collaboratively with other offices on campus to achieve the goals of the division, college, and university
  • Teach a 1-0 load in appropriate field
  • Other duties as assigned

The Associate Dean is an at-will appointment that is attached to a current full-time faculty appointment and serves at the pleasure of the Dean. The successful applicant is expected to be a faculty member and will hold academic appointment(s) congruent with his/her professional background. He or she should exhibit: a) qualities of leadership and peer recognition both within the College; b) excellent communication and interpersonal skills; c) demonstrated history of collaboration; d) a strong leadership record in teaching, scholarship, and service; and e) hold a Ph.D. in a humanities or social science discipline.

Consideration of candidates will begin April 1, 2018. Letters nominating qualified candidates or cover letters from interested individuals, along with a current CV and brief statement of relevant experience are requested and may be sent electronically to:

Associate Dean Selection Committee
c/o Margaret Farrar

The deadline for consideration is 5:00 PM, April 13, 2018. If you have questions, as always please feel free to address them to me or to the Associate Deans.

Posted on March 22, 2018