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Denise Ben-Porath, Ph.D.

A new study aimed at reducing pre-meal anxiety in individuals with eating disorders, conducted by John Carroll University psychology professor Denise Ben-Porath, Ph.D., and JCU graduate Ryan Marek ’11, is featured on DugDug, a leading research website. The site shares key insights from cutting-edge academic research in an easily understandable way for a variety of audiences.


Ryan Marek ’11

Ben-Porath and Marek conducted the research during Marek’s senior year at JCU as part of an independent study. While a JCU student, Marek developed a research interest in eating disorders during a summer internship at the Cleveland Clinic. He also had taken a counseling techniques course taught by Ben-Porath, who is a practicing psychologist at the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders.

Ben-Porath had observed the difficulties that clients encountered when approaching and consuming food. Ben-Porath and Marek subsequently began a study investigating ways to help reduce clients’ anxiety while consuming their required meal plans that occur as part of treatment.

Ben-Porath and Marek’s study, “Targeting pre-meal anxiety in eating disordered clients and normal controls: A preliminary investigation into the use of mindful eating vs. distraction during food exposure,” was recently published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders. Read more about their findings on the DugDug website.

Ben-Porath, who has served on the JCU psychology faculty since 2000, studies effective treatments for eating disorders and other psychological disorders. She has published and presented her research both nationally and internationally, and is associate editor of the journal Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

Marek is pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with a minor in quantitative methodology, at Kent State University. His research focuses on the role of psychological assessment in behavioral medicine, and he has published numerous scholarly articles.

Posted on August 27, 2013