New This Fall at John Carroll University

Affordable use of a car on campus. Rent by the hour/night/day!

Weekdays: $8/hour ● $56/day
Weekends: $9/hour ● $59.50/day
Overnights (6 p.m.– 8 a.m.): $35 (weekday) and $39.50 (weekend)

Easy, sustainable, fun!

Students: Top five reasons to use JCU’s car sharing program:

  1. Go wherever you want, anytime you want.
  2. Enterprise takes care of everything: fuel, physical damage/liability protection, and maintenance.
  3. Newer, cleaner cars that can fit friends.
  4. There’s an entire city beyond campus.
  5. Stocking up on supplies is easier with a trunk.

Parents: Top five reasons for your child to use JCU’s car sharing program:

  1. Your kids only need a car some of the time while away at college.
  2. Enjoy not having to pay for an extra car for your child in college.
  3. Our low hourly rates include fuel, damage/liability protection, parking, and maintenance.
  4. There is 24/7 Roadside Assistance so your child will be safe.
  5. It’s perfect for the times when your child needs to stock up on supplies or explore the city.