1. Use and Ownership

The Carroll OneCard personal identification card is issued to you as a member of the John Carroll University community subject to the following terms and conditions.

The Carroll OneCard is the property of John Carroll University. Protect this card with the same care you would use to safeguard cash.

The Carroll OneCard allows the cardholder to access facilities and services at John Carroll University. A cardholder can access materials and services at the University library, check cashing at the cashier’s office, access a student meal plan at any of the five dining facilities on campus, and access facilities in the University recreation complex and computer labs.

Although the card is property of John Carroll University , it is entrusted to you for your convenience while enrolled at or employed by the University. Only the person to whom the identification card is issued is privileged to use the card. No account should be accessed by anyone other than the cardholder. Unauthorized use, alteration or duplication warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary and legal action.

Students withdrawing from the University will turn in their Carroll OneCards at the time of withdrawal.

Employees retiring or leaving the University will return their cards to the department of human resources at the time of their exit interview. Retirees may have a retiree card issued by the Carroll Card office.

2. Your first Carroll OneCard

Students and employees must present an official picture identification card (usually a driver’s license or state identification card) to Carroll Card office personnel to obtain the Carroll OneCard. Students must also present proof of current registration. Employment will be independently verified prior to issuing the card.

3. Lost, Stolen, or Expired Cards

The cardholder is responsible for maintaining a valid ID card in proper working condition. A replacement fee of $50 (cash or check) will be charged for lost, stolen, misplaced, or abused cards. Defective or heavy wear ID cards will be replaced at no charge when turning in your old ID card.

If your Carroll OneCard is lost or stolen, you must notify the Carroll Card office to facilitate the card’s cancellation. Such notification must be made by telephone or in person to the following:

Carroll Card Office: 216.397.4961, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m.

Until you cancel your Carroll OneCard, you will be responsible for all use of your Carroll OneCard including cash balances. Upon issuance of a replacement Carroll OneCard, your remaining cash balances will be transferred to your new Carroll OneCard. If your Carroll OneCard is replaced due to theft or loss, it is deactivated and cannot be reactivated should you find it at a later date.

4. Meal Plans, Dining Dollars and Plus Points

When you contract for a meal plan on your housing contract, the appropriate plan will be credited to your Carroll OneCard. Commuters and other non-residents purchasing meal plans should make arrangements through the residence life office (216.397.4408, www.jcu.edu/studentl/residencelife/index.htm) the first week of the semester.

Plus Points are purchased through food service. The food service office is located in the cafeteria, adjacent to the Underground (http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSMA/JohnCarroll).

Plus Points and meal plan value are not transferable and cannot be used at vending machines or other points of sale. They are only valid at the food service dining facilities on campus

Students withdrawing from the University will have their meal plans prorated, as appropriate, by the Office of residence life. Refunds on meal plans will be mailed to the student account billing name and address.

5. Usage

John Carroll University and the Carroll Card office are not responsible for the refusal to accept or honor your Carroll OneCard account, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • There are insufficient funds in your account at the time the purchase is requested.
  • The equipment being used by dining services or office initiating the transaction is not functioning correctly at the time the transaction is attempted.
  • Your account has been temporarily or permanently suspended due to violation(s) of this agreement.
  • Your Carroll OneCard has been reported as lost.

6. Error Resolution Procedure

If you think an unauthorized charge has been transacted on your account, you must notify the Carroll Card office in writing as soon as the transaction in question is discovered. Include information on the date and amount of the transaction, as well as any other information you feel is necessary to help the staff investigate the claim.

7. Changes to Terms

Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of the Carroll OneCard will apply to all cards in circulation and use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired. The University reserves the right to change any of the policies without notice.

8. Privacy Policy

Your account and personal information will be kept confidential. Outside parties will not be privileged to information about you, your account, or the purchases you make without your express consent unless such disclosure is in compliance with court order or government legislation.

9. Acceptance of Agreement

By initiating deposits and transactions on your Carroll OneCard Cash account, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the agreement as set forth in this document.