What are John Carroll graduates’ first destinations after graduation?

  • What is the most recent graduating class doing today?
  • Where do they work?
  • Where do they go to graduate school?
  • How many are doing a year of service?

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Year of Service:

Did you know that we have John Carroll University alumni dedicating a year or more of their life to service?

Service is an integral part of JCU’s Jesuit mission. Students engage in the realities of others by being with and helping others throughout the Cleveland area and abroad. During the year, each volunteer has the opportunity to be transformed by the core values of community, simple living, spirituality, and social justice.

Visit Campus Ministry’s website for information on Post Graduate Service and a list of alumni that have served. Contact the Campus Ministry Office at (216) 397-4717 or cministry@jcu.edu for more information.

Are you a recent graduate? Tell us what you’re up to since graduating! Email careerhelp@jcu.edu.

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