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Student Outcomes

In the 2011-2012 academic year, 213 students completed a Career Education course.  Each student enrolled in a CE course is given a My Vocational Situation (MVS) assessment at the beginning and end of the course to assess readiness for career choice in terms of vocational identity, need for career information, and barriers to career choice. MVS results are overwhelmingly positive and higher across the board upon completion of a CE course.

My Vocational Situation (MVS) assessment results of CE students for the 2011-2012 academic year:

CE CourseScore at beginning of courseScore at completion of course
CE 101 Fall 20118.0512.7
CE 101 Spring 20126.512.96
CE 111 Fall 20118.2512.08
CE 111 Spring 20126.3611.1
CE 121 Spring 201214.6616.66
CE 122 Spring 20124.3714.12
CE 131a Fall 20111417
CE 131b Fall 201111.3314.33
CE 131a Spring 20121215.5
CE 131b Spring 20129.813.2
CE 199 Spring 201212.7516.41


What students are saying about our Career Education courses

CE-101: Introduction to Careers

“I really enjoyed this class! It pushed me to start thinking about all the things I kept procrastinating on!”

“Overall, this class was amazing. The teacher was great and we accomplished everything that I wanted to. I would most definitely recommend this to a friend and wished this class went on for a full year.”

“This class was a huge help and I learned a lot!”


CE-122: Introduction to the Careers in Psychology

“I loved this class and finally figured out what I want to do!”

“I loved this class! It was fun and informative and helped me decide what I want to do for a career”

“Great class to help reassure potential careers!”