CE-121: Introduction to the Accounting Profession
Sophomores and Juniors with the intention of majoring in accountancy.

  • Introduction to the opportunities available in the accounting profession and the requirements of the accountancy major. Preparation for the junior-year internship.

CE-122: Introduction to Careers in Psychology
Students who are majoring in or are interested in pursuing careers in psychology.

  • Explores the variety of career opportunities available in the field of psychology.

CE-199, 102, 103, 104: Academic Internship
Must have Sophomore status with minimum 2.2 GPA and acquire 135 hours from time of registration.

Note: Each Career Education (CE) course is one credit hour. A maximum of four CE credits will count toward graduation hours. You cannot take a course more than once. Please refer to your course bulletin for information on prerequisites for all Career Education courses.

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