Campus Ministry

Christian Life Communities

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What are CLCs?

Christian Life Communities (CLCs) are small faith communities grounded in spirituality, community, and service. They are a safe place to reverence the individual narrative experiences that bind us together. Groups consist of six-10 members who gather weekly for faith-filled conversations, prayer, and reflection as they seek to integrate their faith with the realities of everyday life. CLCs are facilitated by peer leaders.

Due to scheduling changes, many CLC members stay in one CLC for one semester and need to switch CLCs the next. We try to accommodate your schedule as best we can. Sign up at any time, and we will help connect you to a group.

Spring 2013 group leaders and meeting times:


7:45pm: Sarah Ruppert & Angelina Huber, Rodman Alumni Lounge

9pm: Elena Elskens & Rachael Greuber, Rodman Alumni Lounge

9pm: Jess Kreuzer & Joe Schafer, Rodman Anora & jess, blanket


7pm: Brad Doughty (all-first years), Commuter Lounge

8pm: Nick Bockanic & Emily Terry, St. Francis Chapel

9pm: Kristen Gittinger & Julie Lazanich, Rodman A

9:30pm: Gillian Halusker & Chelsea Neubecker (all-female), Bernet Kitchen


7pm: Jackie DiFrangia & Christian Brandetsas, Rodman Alumni Lounge

8pm: Brianna Lazarchik & Abigail Rings, Rodman Alumni Lounge

8pm: Kelly Maduri & Molly Nemunaitis, Kelly’s house  nick & emily, blanket

8pm: John Barrett & Keri Grove, Campus Ministry Conf. Room

8pm: Anna Lawler & Nora Cuthbertson (all-female first years), Sutowski Reflection Room


Russell Lum (multifaith/spiritual but not religious), Sutowski apt.

Check out bios of all the leaders HERE. 


“To reveal myself openly and honestly takes the rawest kind of courage.” 

- Rev. John Powell, S.J.

For more information, contact Anita Hooley Yoder (Campus Ministry Intern) or Hilary Froelich (CLC student president).