Campus Ministry

Manresa Retreat: Team Applications

Being on Team has been the single greatest thing I’ve done during my time at Carroll. It was a great reminder just how BIG God is; and I loved being able to see God in all those I encountered on Team and on the retreat itself. I have been a part of multiple groups and organizations but they’ve never provided me with the love, support, laughs, challenges, and relationships Team and the rest of the Manresa family have given me. – Tori Iosue, Manresa 32 Team Member

Congratulations to the Team members for M33 & M34!

M33: Ryan Brown, Annie Canent, Nick Colby, Morgan Doyle, Richie Jenkins, Tyler Jew, Maria Ndini, Rebecca Ries-Roncalli, John Sosnowski, Maura Wallace

M34: Dani Carrera, Roserita DiMillo, Will DiPasquale, Sarah Foley, Laura Matteo, Nicki Mlakar, Maggie Murphy, Matt Rombalski, Matt Sasala, Jacob Schupp

Applications for Manresa 35 Team will be available in January.