Campus Ministry

Manresa Retreat: Team Applications

Being on Team has been the single greatest thing I’ve done during my time at Carroll. It was a great reminder just how BIG God is; and I loved being able to see God in all those I encountered on Team and on the retreat itself. I have been a part of multiple groups and organizations but they’ve never provided me with the love, support, laughs, challenges, and relationships Team and the rest of the Manresa family have given me. – Tori Iosue, Manresa 32 Team Member

Congratulations to the Team members for M33 & M34!

M33: Ryan Brown, Annie Canent, Nick Colby, Morgan Doyle, Richie Jenkins, Tyler Jew, Maria Ndini, Rebecca Ries-Roncalli, John Sosnowski, Maura Wallace

M34: Dani Carrera, Roserita DiMillo, Will DiPasquale, Sarah Foley, Laura Matteo, Nicki Mlakar, Maggie Murphy, Matt Rombalski, Matt Sasala, Jacob Schupp

Applications for Manresa 35 Team will be available in January. Please contact Andy if you have questions or are interested in serving on Team.