Campus Ministry

Wedding Preparation

How you prepare

  • Download the wedding brochure by clicking¬†here; read it and agree to it in its entirety prior to making your reservation.
  • Make a tentative reservation for your wedding by calling campus ministry at 216.397.4717 or emailing campus ministry at
  • Call Facilities Scheduling at 216.397.4316 if you are interested in hosting your reception at John Carroll University.
  • Contact a priest or deacon to have them preside at your wedding.
  • Finalize your reservation by filling out and signing the Reservation form (located in the Wedding brochure), and return to JCU Campus Ministry along with your wedding fee.
  • Begin your marriage preparation at least six months prior to your scheduled wedding date.
  • Make music plans or consult with the John Carroll University Director of Liturgical Music (216.397.4721). Note:¬†You may contract with your own musician/cantor, but for use of the instruments in Saint Francis Chapel we ask that your musician meet with the Director of Liturgical Music.
  • Complete your marriage preparation, attend a pre-Cana day, and submit all necessary documents to the priest, deacon, or lay person preparing you for your wedding.
  • Plan your wedding ceremony with your presiding priest or deacon.
  • Apply for your marriage license.

How we help you

  • We reserve your wedding date and help you collect and process all of the paperwork and permissions that are required for the diocese of Cleveland.
  • We provide a wedding coordinator who will assist at your rehearsal and wedding liturgy.
  • The JCU Director of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts can aid you in choosing appropriate music. Our Liturgical Music Director can also assist you in choosing a musician and cantor for your service.