I Pray

Promoting a
Culture of Prayer at JCU

I Pray is a set of photographs demonstrating how personal prayer animates our public mission as a Jesuit Catholic university.

Our campus culture of prayer is enriched by its variety. The volunteer participants represent a breadth of campus roles, religious backgrounds and prayer styles.

We are grateful to all who humbly share the graces and struggles of their prayer lives for our benefit.

It is our hope that I Pray helps us to consider our own prayer habits and to join the conversation about being contemplatives in action.

— JCU Campus Ministry

This project is funded by the generosity of the Xavier-Nichols Foundation to promote holistic well-being at John Carroll University.


Click on the following 16 photos, read, enjoy, and reflect.

  • How do YOU pray?  Which prayer style reflects YOURS?
  • What do these words and images invoke in YOU?
  • Who can YOU engage this culture of prayer with?  Friends, Teachers, Family?

I Pray

  • The first phase of 16 posters are displayed in the Campus Ministry Hallway.  We are anxious to hear people’s response and comments.
  • If more resources are made available we plan to create more posters and possibly additional display locations around campus.