Campus Ministry

Schell Award

Rev. Joseph Schell, S.J.

Campus Ministry’s departmental award, The Schell Award, is named for Rev. Joseph Schell, S.J., who founded JCU’s Campus Ministry department in 1971. Fr. Schell was renowned for his wisdom, gentle spirit, sense of humor, devotion to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola and commitment to a faith that does justice.  This award honors a senior who has provided consistent and outstanding leadership in Campus Ministry through retreats, immersion experiences, liturgy and prayer, CLC (Christian Life Community), and justice education and live as “women and men for others.”

The Schell Award (formerly known as the Danford Award), consists of an engraved gift and a cash stipend. The recipient is selected by the Campus Ministry team.

The winner for 2014 is Hilary Froelich.


Previous Schell Award Winners:
2013 – Katie Warner
2012 – Thomas Coast, Anna Faist and Jacqueline Wyman
2011 – Andrew Vogel
2010 — Laura Heid and Natalie Terry
2009 — Samantha Cocco and Margaret Phillips
2008 — Alison Cyperski
2007 — Lauren Fraser
2006 — Daniel Dunn and Timothy Dunn
2005 — Marissa Madden
2004 — Peter Corrigan
2003 — Jeannie Kidera
2002 — Eric P. Schild
2001 — Shelby Spare and Mindy Madasz
2000 — Emily Shurilla
1999 — Kaitlin M. Habig
1998 — Lori Roddy
1997 — Bridget Maloney
1996 — Sheila Theresa Sullivan
1995 — Patrick Klus
1994 — Helen Van Cuyk
1993 — Michael Yonek
1992 — Robert Daum
1991 — Margaret Langdon
1990 — J. Michael Schaub