Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus
Richard Weaver ’78 and Jeanne Colleran ’76
Drs. William and Kim Cook ’64
Bill ’83 and Sue ’84 Donnelly
Robert W. ’69 and Marianne Gunn
Bruce ’72 and Deborah Jarosz
John Huntington Fund for Education
Mr. and Mrs. Charles “Bud” Koch
Dr. Robert Koch ’70 and Ms. Florence Frain
Richard ’86 and Christine ’86 Kramer
Mr. Thomas A. Malak ’81
John J. ’40 † and Gloria † Manofsky
Mr. and Mrs. James B. McDonald ’79
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McDonough ’55
James M. ’80 and Josie Myers
Anthony ’85 and Annette ’86 Nader
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Short ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Smiley ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Walsdorf ’71

Individual is deceased