Maybe you are new to John Carroll or just never had the need to perform a certain task on campus. This page will help guide you through the services offered by the Office of the Bursar.

Click on the keyword below that most closely relates to your question topic. It will take you to the most likely answer or choices of answers as they relate to the bursar’s office. Please remember these topics may also be addressed in a different context by the offices of financial aid, payroll, registrar, graduation, graduate school, etc.

For Students:

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For Employees:

Cash Check ID Card Tuition

1098T – Tax Credit
1098T forms are mailed each January to students enrolled during the prior calendar year. This form is needed to claim a tax credit under the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. Return to Top

Two cash dispensing machines are located across campus. Cash withdrawals and account transfers can be made in the Schott Atrium of the D.J. Lombardo Student Center or on the ground floor of the Administration Building.  Return to Top


Tuition and fees are due prior to attending class. Bills are emailed to the student. If you have not received a statement, please contact us at 216.397.4971 and one will be emailed or faxed to you.

For third-party billing contact the Meg Roberts directly at 216.397.4971.

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Cash Check

Checks may be cashed in the Student Service Center (AD 37) in the amount of $25 per day for students and $50 per day for employees. You must present a valid John Carroll University identification card to cash a check. ATM machines are located in the Schott Atrium of the D.J. Lombardo Student Center and the ground level of the Administration Building. Return to Top

Carroll Card, ID Card

The Carroll Card is the official University identification card for students and employees. Contact 216.397.4961 or visit the Carroll Card website for detailed information. Return to Top

Catholic Religious Order

Members of Catholic religious orders and local Catholic school teachers may be eligible for tuition discount. Click here for more information. Return to Top


To contact the Cashier’s Office, please dial 216.397.4494. Return to Top

Credit Card

Although the University does not process credit card payments directly, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover payments can be made through ECSI on line. Click here.

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Due Date – Tuition

Tuition and fees are due prior to attending class. Click here for a semester-by-semester listing of due dates.

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Employer Reimbursement Program

The Employer Reimbursement Program allows part-time students with employer tuition benefits to pay 33 percent of the semester’s tuition by the published due date and the remainder four weeks after final exams. For program details, click here. Return to Top

Holds, Registration, and Graduation

An unpaid student account (balances greater than or equal to $205) will carry a hold. The hold prevents the student from incurring more debt by precluding registration for additional semesters. Transcripts and grades will be held for any unpaid balance on the student account. An unpaid balance of $1,000 or more will prohibit a student from graduating or receiving a diploma. Return to Top

Private College 529 Plan

Private College 529 Plan is the only national prepaid tuition plan. Private College 529 payments are applied to tuition only. Money invested in the fund is deposited into a trust invested by the fiduciary.

The account owner (usually a parent or grandparent) initiates the redemption process with

Participants in this plan are purchasing credits toward annual tuition. Redemption is made in terms of percentage of annual tuition redeemed. Please refer to the Private College 529 website for complete details of this plan. Return to Top


Perkins and Stafford Loans are need-based financial assistance and are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA).

If you have been awarded the Perkins loan, you must complete the application, truth-in-lending statement and the appropriate areas of the promissory note and return to the OFA per their instructions.

If you have been awarded the Stafford loan, you must apply for the loan. Follow the instructions provided by the OFA. You need to have your loan approved and disbursed by the start of the semester.

To obtain information on PLUS, alternative, and other loan products, please contact the OFA. Return to Top


Mail payment for tuition and fees to:

John Carroll University Cashier’s Office
1 John Carroll Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, Ohio 44118

Please include the student name and identification number on your check. For tuition due dates and other payment information, click here.
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Student accounts with credit balances are reviewed for refunding purposes starting the second week of the semester.  Students should consider providing Title IV permissions in Banner Web (parents via FAX to the financial aid office).  These permissions instruct us to hold or refund excess federal funds.   Return to Top

Tuition Benefits

Employees may earn tuition benefits for themselves and their immediate family members. Details on these benefits are in the Employee Handbook published by the Office of Human Resources. Return to Top

View Account

The student account can be accessed, with proper credentials, from Banner Web. Return to Top


Dropping a class or withdrawing entirely from the University may result in tuition charges. Click here for course withdrawal schedules by academic term. Return to Top

Work Study

Federal College Work Study (FCWS) is awarded by the office of financial aid (OFA). This part of your financial aid award will not appear on your student account statement and should not be deducted from your semester’s tuition bill.  Payroll checks will be issued for hours worked.

Students pay will be direct deposited to a bank account. Direct deposit students’ pay stubs are directed to their Banner Web account.

For more information, click here to visit the Finacial Aid On-Campus Job Site.
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