Perkins Loan borrowers leaving JCU are required by federal regulation to have an exit interview. For the convenience of our graduating seniors interview sessions are scheduled near the end of each semester. If you leave at any other time of the year, please contact Juli Poremba at 216.397.3006 so she can arrange an exit interview for you. (Perkins Loan Exit Interview Power Point)

After your exit interview you will need to return one copy of your Repayment Agreement, the Truth-in-Lending Form, and the Exit Interview Questionnaire within 10 days to:

Juli Poremba, Financial Aid Specialist/Loan
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, OH 44118

Upon leaving JCU your account will enter a nine month grace period followed by three months of interest accruing before your first payment is due. Credit reporting on Perkins Loan borrowers is mandated by federal regulation. We are obligated to report that you have accepted the loan and we are required, when you enter repayment, to report your payment history. We encourage you to use your Perkins Loan repayment as an opportunity to establish good credit.

When you enter repayment, be sure to file deferments, cancellations, or remit payment promptly. Failure to do so will cause your loan to become delinquent and affect your credit.

Perkins Loan borrowers are obligated to keep the Perkins Loan Office informed as to their current, permanent address until the loan is fully paid. (Hint: let us and the Alumni Office know if your address changes.)

If you move, please send the following information to  Perkins Loans, Cashier’s Office at John Carroll University, 1 John Carroll Blvd., University Heights, Oh 44118:

Name, Account Number
Full Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Telephone Number

Once you enter repayment your payments will be due quarterly. This means you will remit payments by June 1, September 1, December 1, and March 1 of each year until your loan is paid in full. (This information is based upon a May graduation date. Your exit date may vary.)

Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) is our loan service provider. You will receive quarterly statements, a 1098-E and occasionally other information from ECSI. Please respond promptly to requests for information or payment from ECSI. The timeliness of your action may affect your credit history. You may contact ECSI Customer Service at 888.549.3274.