John and Mary Jane Breen Endowment for Catholic Studies

James T. Breslin – WEWS Award in Communications

Betty Haba Brossmann Endowment for Competitive Debate

Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., Philosophy Endowment

Campus Ministry Endowment Fund

Dr. John A. Carrabine Computer Lab Fund

Saint Francis Chapel Endowment Fund

Joseph T. Cotter Memorial Fund

Debate and Oratory Endowment Fund

Bruce and Patricia Donaldson Spiritual Exercises Endowment

Louis and Marcia Emsheimer OhioLink

Endowment Fund

Austin J. Freeley Debate Scholarship

Friedland Award in Gerontology

Norma C. Geller Fund for Human Relations

Norma C. and Albert I. Geller World Hunger Fund

Gerontology Endowment Fund

Robert M. Ginn Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility

Mary G. Glidden Endowment Fund

George Gund Lecture Fund

Lt. Nathaniel A. Hanau Jr. ’43 Memorial Book Fund

Humanities Institute Endowment Fund

Ignatian Spirituality Program Endowment

Institute for Educational Renewal Endowment

John Carroll University Women’s Association Fund

Kahl Endowment for Internationalizing the Curriculum

Charles J. “Bud” & Kate Koch Endowed Professorship in International Business and Finance

Kresge Science Equipment Endowment Fund

Charles R. Landrigan Science Equipment

Endowment Fund

Ann Lesser Endowment Fund

Lawrence R. Madigan ’27 Humor Award

Leone J. Marinello Little Theatre Endowment Fund

Mathematics Award Fund

William and Mary McNulty Endowment for Irish Studies

Men & Women’s Swim Team Endowment

Endowment for Special Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity

Monville-Hunter Physics Fund

Edward M. Muldoon Center for Private Business

Walter S. Nosal Counseling Center Endowment Fund

Eugene Oberst International Peace Lecture Fund

F. J. O’Neill – Ignatian Spirituality Institute Endowment Fund

Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian-American Studies

Psychology Endowment Fund

Sampliner Fund for Jewish Studies

Father Schuchert Prize

School of Business Advancement Fund

Don Shula Sports Center Endowment Fund

Slovak Educational Trust Fund

Francis J. Smith, S.J., Endowment for the

Promotion of Poetry

Suopis Endowed Lecture Series in Political Science

Jean Sutowski Fund

Walter and Mary Tuohy Endowment Fund

Volunteer Service Program Endowment Fund

Dr. Sally H. Wertheim Educational Leadership Award

J. Joseph Whelan Leadership in Service Award

WJCU Endowment Fund – Director’s Award

Rev. Paul A. Woelfl, S.J., Lecture Fund

Leonard F. Zaller Memorial Fund for the

Spiritual Exercises

Charles Zumbiel Music Memorial Fund

Scholarship Aid

Allyn Adams Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Jon and Irene Altman Endowed Scholarship in Catholic Studies

Alumni Office Scholarship Fund

America’s Body Company Hustle and Harmony Scholarship

American Values Scholarship Award

Edward and Jessie Arose Phi Kappa Tau

Memorial Scholarship

Arthur Anderson & Co. LLP Endowment Fund

Mildred P. Bach Endowed Scholarship

Donald and Lillian Barner Scholarship Fund

Barrett Endowment Supporting Undergraduate Research Assistants

Beck Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Michael Begg ’82 Memorial Scholarship

Catherine and Bertrand Belda Cooperative Education Endowment Fund

David M. Benacci Award for Promising

Investment Managers

William J. Bergen, Jr., Endowed Scholarship

Bernatovicz Family and Frank Smenda Endowed Scholarship

Rev. Henry F. Birkenhauer, S.J., Endowed Scholarship

Blaha Family Endowed Scholarship

Patricia Relyea Boland/Ernst & Young Scholarship for Women in Business

Boland Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

John M. and Mary Jo Boler Endowment Fund

Boler School in London Scholarship Fund

Boler School of Business Swagelok Foundation

Joseph T. Bombelles Award in Economics

David Matthew Bonnot Scholarship Fund in Philosophy

Janet Boockoff Endowed Scholarship

Thomas F. and Patricia A. Bridgman Endowed Scholarship

Mary G. Bruening Endowed Scholarship

William F. Buckley Endowed Fund

Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., Scholarship Fund for a Minority Student of Need

Stephen P. Burchyns Memorial Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Callahan Endowed Scholarship Fund for Premedical and Predental


Callahan/Merriman Endowment-Urban Scholars Award

Dr. John L. Callinan ’58 Endowed Scholarship

Vincent C. Campanella Endowment Fund

Edmund Campion, S.J., Scholarship Fund

John R. Carpenter Scholarship Fund

Evelyn and Donald Carroll ’51 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Robert B. Carver Memorial Fund

Fr. Charles A. Castellano, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Dr. William J. Cenker Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Chi Sigma Iota Endowed Scholarship Fund

Chicago Alumni Scholarship Fund

Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1964 Twentieth Reunion Scholarship Fund

Class of 1988 Endowment Gift Fund

Class of 1989 Endowment Gift Fund

Robert J. and Loretta C. Cleary Memorial

Scholarship Fund

Rev. A. Jerome Clifford, S.J., Scholarship in Finance

Columbus/Central Ohio Scholarship Fund

John J. Crowley, Mary Crowley and Joseph A. Crowley Scholarship Fund

John R. Cunin Scholarship in Business

Albert J. DeGulis Endowed Scholarship Fund

James M. Delaney, CPA, Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Deloitte & Touche Endowment Fund

Ray and Edna Deneweth Endowed Scholarship

Pierre and Margaret Diemer Family Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Kathryn Dolan Award in Communications

Dr. D. R. Domm Scholarship Fund

Florence B. and Lawrence M. Druckenbrod, Jr., Endowed Scholarship for Communication Ethics

F. W. Dugan Scholarship Fund

Herbert C. Eisele Scholarship Fund

Campbell W. Elliott Memorial Fund

Erie Cathedral Prep Scholarship

Ernst & Young LLP Endowment Fund

Dr. Rene Fabien German Scholarship Fund

Umberto and Maryellen Fedeli Endowed Scholarship

Joseph P. and Elizabeth A. Feeley Scholarship in Business Logistics

Anthony Ferrante Endowed Scholarship-OAI

Fifth-Year Accounting Endowment Scholarship

Friedland MBA Scholarship Fund

Myles F. Gallagher Endowment Fund

GAR Foundation Endowment

Annie J. Lewis and Robert A. Garda Scholarship Fund

Anthony J. and Florence Garofoli Family Scholarship

General Electric Communications Scholarship Fund

Dorothea and Heinrich Gesenhues Endowment Fund

Carl J. Giblin Endowed Scholarship

Carl D. Glickman Endowed Scholarship-OAI

Sonia Gold Award in Economics

Terri Ann Goodman Scholarship Fund

George Goodrich AA Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Cornelius G. Grubiss and Gabrielle Grubiss Endowed Scholarship Fund

Annette L. Haile Endowed Scholarship

Lt. Fred A. Hartman, Jr., USMC Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Hausser + Taylor Accounting Endowment Fund

Diane and Harold Hawk, Jr., ’81 Endowed Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund

William J. Henkel, Jr., Endowed Scholarship

Robert E. Heltzel Endowed Scholarship

Reverend Edward Hodous, S.J., Physics

Scholarship Fund

William P. Hoffman Scholarship Fund

Kevin Hurley Endowed Scholarship

Alberto Hurtado, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Hymers Scholarship Fund

Iota Chi Upsilon Alumni Scholarship Fund

Jarosz Family Endowed Scholarship

Nicole Kato and Antonio Culicchia Italian-American Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Kazel Endowment for Latin American Studies

Robert A. Keller/Project H.O.P.E. Memorial Fund

Robert and Loretta Kenehan Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Fr. Howard Kerner, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Michael A. Klema, M.D., ’49 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. James J. and Marie Kolenich Pre-Med Scholarship Fund

Louis J. Konya Endowment Fund

KPMG LLP Endowment Fund

Edward Anthony Kralik Memorial Scholarship

Mary and Peter A. Lambros Endowed Scholarship for Women

Fr. Victor M. Lambur Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fr. Michael J. Lavelle, S.J., Cleveland Club Scholarship Fund

Fr. Michael J. Lavelle, S.J., Memorial Scholarship

Fr. Michael J. Lavelle, S.J., Scholarship in Economics

Dr. James M. Lavin Scholarship Fund

Rev. John A. Leahy Memorial Fund for

Catholic Studies

Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., ’83 Memorial Fund

Chester Lynn American Values Scholarship Award

Thomas W. Mastin Science Scholarship Fund

J. Mathews Campus Ministry Fund

John J. Mathews ’50 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Andrew McCarthy ’81 Scholarship Fund

Charles J. McCarthy ’42 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rev. John McDonough Endowed Scholarship

Charles and Amy McGarrity Endowed Scholarship

Francis J. McGurr Fifth-Year Accounting

Scholarship Fund

Richard T. McNally ’59 Scholarship Fund

George A. Merritt Endowed Scholarship

Robert F. Meyerson Endowed Scholarship

Michael Scott Michael Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Ruth P. Miller Scholarship Fund

Minority Student Loan Fund

Carl Monastra Fifth-Year Accounting

Scholarship Fund

Rev. Lawrence J. Monville, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Muer Detroit Scholarship

Muldoon Scholarship Fund

Ryan and Susan Mullaney Endowed Scholarship

Murch Scholarship Fund

Bernadette M. Murphy Scholarship Fund

Frank and Jean Navratil Scholarship

Fr. William Nichols, S.J., Scholarship

Art Noetzel Endowed Scholarship in Business

Margaret and Arthur Noetzel Memorial Fund

S. Darwin Noll Endowment Fund

David and Mary C. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship

F. J. O’Neill Fund

H. M. O’Neill Fund

Hugh O’Neill Fund

Thomas L. and Rev. Francis L. Osborne Memorial Scholarship

Rev. Joseph P. Owens, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Mark Pacelli Scholarship in Finance

Ralph A. Pfeiffer, Jr., ’49 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Thomas Arthur Picard Scholarship Fund for Science Students

Piercy/Goerbert Endowed Scholarship

Pittsburgh Endowed Scholarship Fund

Plain Dealer Scholarships

Walter F. Platte Scholarship in Quality Management

Joseph and Ermina Polce Endowment for

Boys Hope-Girls Hope

Roderick Boyd Porter Scholarship Fund

Boleslav and Draga Povsic Endowed Scholarship for Classical Languages

Price Waterhouse LLP Endowment Fund

John W. Ray Memorial Endowed Scholaship

John J. Reardon ’59 Endowed Scholarship

Matteo Ricci, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Charles A. Rini Family Endowment Fund

Patti Rosenfeld Scholarship Fund in


Tim Russert Endowed Scholarship for Students from Buffalo and Western New York

Tim Russert Endowed Scholarship for Students from Low-Income Families

Edward T. Ryan Memorial Fund

John M. and Jane B. Salcau Endowed Scholarship

Sandusky Central Catholic Scholarship

Daniel and Carol Sansone Endowed Scholarship

Nicolo, Angela, and Joseph Satullo Scholarship

Mark Schell Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rev. Joseph O. Schell, S.J., Ignatian Award for Excellence in Education

Karen J. Schipke Memorial Scholarship in Finance

Br. Raymond F. Schnepp, S.M., Mathematics Scholarship Fund

School of Business 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund

School of Business Skills Assessment Endowment Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Leland Schubert Endowment Fund

Jason R. Schuster Memorial Scholarship

William J. and Honore M. Selhorst American Values Program in Philosophy

Sr. Juanita Shealey Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Robert F. Sly ’42 Scholarship Fund

Raymond Smiley Fifth-Year Accounting

Scholarship Fund

Ernest J. Snider Memorial Scholarship

Alice A. Sobey Endowed Scholarship

Jason and Michelle Stevens Scholarship in Finance

Sullens Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Robert T. Sullens Scholarship in Business Fund

Frank and Mary Sullivan Scholarship Fund

Daniel and Lois Sussen Scholarship

Alvin J. Sutton, Sr., Memorial Fund

George B. Sweeney Endowed Campion Award Scholarship

Joseph D. Sweet Endowed Scholarship

Helen and Paul Szilagyi Endowment Fund

Edmund B. Thomas Scholarship Fund

Gregory A. Thompson Scholarship Fund

Grant Thornton Endowment Fund

Richard J. Tobin ’59 Scholarship Fund

Lisa Jankowski Toomey Scholarship

Julie Tesauro Truog Scholarship

Undergraduate Research Endowment

University Endowment Fund

Vietnam Veterans Scholarship Fund

Florence and Ralph Vince Scholarship Fund

The John D. Volpi, Sr., Memorial Scholarship

Constance E. Walter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Wasmer Family Endowed Scholarship

Fr. Frederick E. Welfle, S.J., Scholarship Fund

Marsha Newman Willey ’97 Scholarship

John E. Willkomm, KPMG Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund

Anthony Yonto Family Endowed Scholarship

Julie Zajac Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Joseph and Ann Zlatoper Scholarship Fund

Charles F. and Murial A. Zodrow Akron Area Scholarship Fund

Charles F. Zodrow Endowed Scholarship-OAI-Summit County