Adjunct Associate Professors: T. M. Dragga, (President/Rector), A. M. Pilla, (Bishop Emeritus); Adjunct Assistant Professors: C. McElroy, O.F.M. Cap., C. Engelland, D. Ference; Adjunct Instructors: J. Loya, G. Bednar, D. Dunson

Borromeo Seminary, a division of the Center for Pastoral Leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, prepares college students seeking the ordained priesthood of the Catholic Church. Its program is designed according to the norms and recommendations of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and its Program of Priestly Formation. Students admitted by the diocese to the diocesan program for collegiate seminarians apply for admission to John Carroll University, where they are known as members of the Borromeo Seminary Institute.

Borromeo Seminary Institute students complete all of the academic requirements of John Carroll University and are expected to fulfill additional course requirements specified by the seminary program.

All members of the institute are required to complete the following courses in philosophy as well as theology and religious studies. Descriptions of these courses can be found in the sections on the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.


101. Introduction to Philosophy 3 cr.

240. 17th and 18th-Century European Philosophy 3 cr.

246. 19th and 20th-Century Philosophy 3 cr.

301. Introduction to Logic 3 cr.

304. Philosophy of the Human Person 3 cr.

308. Philosophy of God 3 cr.

368. Ethical Theory 3 cr.

387. Philosophy of Nature 3 cr.

395. Metaphysics 3 cr.

396. Theories of Knowledge 3 cr.



101. Introduction to Religious Studies 3 cr.

200. Old Testament Introduction 3 cr.

205. New Testament Introduction 3 cr.

238. Catechism of the Catholic Church 3 cr.

368. Christian Social Justice 3 cr.

376. The Franciscan Movement 3 cr.

496. Borromeo Senior Seminar 3 cr.