Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2013

Assessment of Student Learning

An integral component of understanding and improving the student experience is a coordinated program of assessing student learning.  Assessment of student learning is a University-wide effort, bridging both academic and student affairs, with the support of the University administration.  The assessment program requires the systematic collection of information in order to both document and improve student learning.  Ultimately, the information collected as part of the assessment program serves as a basis for curricular reform, program development, budgets, and strategic planning.

Effective assessment of student learning relies on collaboration between students, faculty, and administrative staff.  Assessment of student learning occurs in the academic major, the Core Curriculum, and student life.  Student participation in the assessment program is essential in meeting the University’s commitment to student learning.  John Carroll University requires students to take active part in the institution’s assessment program by completing surveys, tests, writing assignments, interviews, and other assessment-related activities.

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) is the primary oversight body for the student outcomes assessment programs of the University.  These include the formation of institution-wide student learning goals, and the development, implementation, and review of the assessment program of the University and the academic departments.

The UAC is comprised of five appointed faculty, the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness, the director of the University Core Curriculum, the associate academic vice president, two appointed representatives from the Division of Student Affairs, and an undergraduate and a graduate student.  The committee is chaired by the Director of Academic Assessment.