The Distinguished Faculty Award

Established in 1969, the Distinguished Faculty Award is the highest honor that John Carroll University can bestow on a member of its faculty. It is presented annually to a full-time faculty member selected by the University community for excellence in classroom teaching, scholarship, advisement and leadership of students, and community concern. The individual chosen to receive the award receives a cash prize and an engraved plaque presented at commencement ceremonies. Holders of the award since 1982 have been:

1982 Dr. Edward J. Walter 1997 Dr. Joseph F. Kelly
1983 Dr. Joseph B. Miller 1998 Dr. Robert D. Sweeney
1984 Dr. William H. Nichols, S.J. 1999 Dr. Klaus Fritsch
1985 Mr. Leone J. Marinello 2000 Dr. Robert H. Getscher
1986 Dr. Cyrilla H. Wideman 2001 Rev. Thomas L. Schubeck, S.J.
1987 Dr. David M. La Guardia 2002 Dr. Paul R. Murphy, Jr.
1988 Dr. Duane A. Dukes 2003 Dr. Miles M. Coburn
1989 Dr. Thomas M. Tomasic 2004 Dr. Jeanne M. Colleran
1990 Dr. Nick R. Baumgartner 2005 Dr. Andrew M. Welki
1991 Dr. John R. Spencer 2006 Dr. Christopher Faiver
1992 Dr. Joseph T. Bombelles 2007 Dr. Paul J. Lauritzen
1993 Dr. Joseph Trivisonno, Jr. 2008 Dr. George Bilgere
1994 Dr. Marian J. Morton 2009 Dr. Phyllis Braudy Harris
1995 Dr. Raj Aggarwal 2010 Dr. Elizabeth v. Swenson
1996 Dr. Richard K. Fleischman, Jr. 2011 Dr. John S. McBratney

Lucrezia Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence

The Lucrezia Culicchia Award, established to recognize teaching excellence, is awarded annually to a member of the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences.

1990 Dr. Janet D. Larsen 2001 Dr. Katherine M. Gatto
1991 Dr. Harry C. Nash 2002 Mr. Anthony L. Palermo
1992 Mr. Jerry L. Moreno 2003 Dr. Barbara K. D’Ambrosia
1993 Dr. David M. La Guardia 2004 Dr. Margaret O. Finucane
1994 Dr. Heidi I. Stull 2005 Dr. Mariana J. Ortega
1995 Dr. Jeanne M. Colleran 2006 Dr. Mark J. Waner
1996 Dr. Valerie R. Flechtner 2007 Dr. James Lissemore
1997 Dr. Brenda A. Wirkus 2008 Dr. Chris Roark
1998 Dr. Carl R. Spitznagel 2009 Dr. Maryclaire Moroney
1999 Dr. Patrick J. Mooney 2010 Dr. K. Julia Karolle-Berg
2000 Dr. Marian J. Morton 2011 Dr. Michael A. Nichols

Wasmer Outstanding Teaching Award

The Wasmer Award, established to recognize teaching excellence, is awarded annually to a member of the faculty of the Boler School of Business. Past recipients include:

1992 Dr. Andrew M. Welki 2001 Dr. Charles A. Watts
1993 Dr. Marian M. Extejt 2002 Dr. Andrew M. Welki
1994 Dr. Marc Lynn 2003 Dr. Walter O. Simmons
1995 Dr. Marilynn Collins 2004 Dr. James H. Martin
1996 Dr. Donald R. Domm 2006 Dr. Gerald P. Weinstein
1997 Dr. Andrew M. Welki 2007 Dr. Scott Moore
1998 Dr. Susan H. Higgins 2008 Dr. Andrew M. Welki
1999 Dr. William N. Bockanic 2009 Dr. Lindsay N. Calkins
2000 Dr. Marc Lynn 2010 Dr. Paul Murphy, Jr.

George E. Grauel Faculty Fellowships

To encourage research and writing, the University annually awards faculty fellowships providing leave for work on special projects. The fellowships honor the memory of Dr. George E. Grauel, who served John Carroll from 1933 until his death in 1967. Dr. Grauel was professor of English, dean of the Evening College, and director of Institutional Planning. Recipients of fellowships since 2007 have been:


Dr. George B. Bilgere
Dr. William J. Cenker
Dr. Gwen Compton-Engle
Dr. Jeffrey S. Dyck
Sr. Mary Ann Flannery, S.C.
Dr. Bradley Z. Hull
Dr. Linda A. Koch
Dr. Susan Long
Dr. Michael P. Martin
Dr. Melody L. McMahon
Dr. Mindy J. Peden
Dr. Zeki Saritoprak
Dr. Christopher A. Sheil
Dr. Wendy A. Wiedenhoft


Mr. Thomas Hayes
Dr. Abdulrazaq Imam
Dr. Robert Kolesar (HS)
Dr. Jen McWeeny
Dr. Paul Nietupski
Dr. Naveed Piracha
Dr. David Rainey
Dr. Leo Schneider
Dr. Edward Tomlinson
Dr. Mark Waner


Dr. Jeanne Colleran
Dr. Doris Donnelly
Dr. Rebecca Drenovsky
Dr. Nathan Hartman
Dr. Simran Kahai
Dr. Anne Kugler
Dr. Man Lung Kwan
Dr. Maryclaire Moroney
Dr. Antonio Perez-Romero
Dr. Gloria Vaquera


Dr. Matt Berg
Dr. Paul Challen
Dr. Sharon Kaye
Dr. Joseph Kelly
Dr. Sheila McGinn
Dr. Philip Metres
Dr. Roger Purdy
Dr. Hélène Sanko
Dr. Walter Simmons
Dr. Earl Spurgin


Dr. Carl Anthony
Dr. Gerald Guest
Dr. Thomas Nevin
Dr. Mariana Ortega

Curtis W. Miles Faculty Award for Community Service

The Miles Award recognizes a member of the faculty for distinguished community service consistent with the mission and goals of John Carroll University. Originally established in 1992, the award was revived in 2005.

1992 Dr. John C. Soper 2006 Dr. Margaret O. Finucane
1993 Dr. Mark E. Diffenderfer 2007 Dr. Richard D. Clark
1994 Dr. Lauren L. Bowen 2008 Dr. Jeanne Colleran
1996 Mr. Wilhelm Bartsch 2009 Dr. Ruth Fenske
1997 Dr. Sally H. Wertheim 2010 Dr. Paula Britton
1998 Dr. Gerald P. Weinstein 2011 Dr. Brent Brossman
2005 Dr. Sharon M. Kaye