Endowed Centers

The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship

The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship was created in 1999 with a gift from Mr. Muldoon, a 1948 John Carroll graduate, and a matching gift from the Boler Challenge Fund, to establish a permanent home for the entrepreneurship program of the University. The Muldoon Center’s objective is to educate, connect, and enrich people who are entrepreneurs or are interested in entrepreneurship.

The Center supervises the minor in Entrepreneurship, which was developed with the assistance of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation to leapfrog other entrepreneurship programs by adopting “best practices” from the top programs in the country. According to national statistics, 75% of all entrepreneurs today started as arts and sciences majors. Reflecting that, more than 75% of the instructors in the minor at John Carroll are arts and sciences faculty.

The Center also offers students, regardless of their major, a unique series of opportunities to utilize their academic skills in a real-world setting. These programs allow students to develop their ideas, work with and learn from business owners, and participate in competitions both on our campus and through the nine schools of the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium.

In addition, the Center provides support for the Entrepreneurs Association, a group of private company business owners and professionals who support them. The EA provides members with the opportunity to network, attend professional development programs, and assist with student co-curricular programming.

For additional information, visit: www.jcu.edu/muldoon.

Endowed Chairs

The Edward J. and Louise E. Mellen Chair in Finance

The Mellen Chair was established in September 1984, with the commitment of a gift for the Boler School of Business as a part of the University’s Centennial Campaign. The chair challenges and encourages the faculty of the Boler School to achieve new levels of excellence in teaching, research, and service so that the school remains in the forefront of business education. The service component is oriented towards the establishment and enhancement of academic-business relationships and cooperation.

The Mellen Chair in Finance is held by an individual who has a recognized national reputation in research and teaching, and the demonstrated ability and experience to work effectively with business and professional leaders as well as faculty colleagues. Previous holders of the chair have been Dr. Michael G. Ferri and Dr. Raj Aggarwal. The current chair holder is Dr. LeRoy Brooks.

The Tuohy Chair of Interreligious Studies

Mr. Walter Tuohy, vice chairman and chief executive of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, was a dedicated Catholic layman, active member of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and zealous promoter of religious understanding. After his death in 1966, the Walter and Mary Tuohy Chair of Interreligious Studies was established at John Carroll University to honor the late Mr. Tuohy and his wife Mary.

Under the auspices of the Tuohy Chair, established as an integral part of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, the University offers a series of courses and free public lectures on interreligious topics. This program is designed to bring scholars of major religious traditions to the University campus for dialogue with students, faculty, religious leaders, and the general public.

Tuohy Chair lectures have included the following major figures in theological scholarship: John Cobb, David Tracy, Theodore Stephanopoulos, Thomas Hopko, Demetrios Constantelos, Anglican Bishop R. C. P. Hanson, Michael A. Fahey, S.J., Martin McNamara, M.S.C., William H. C. Frend, Roderick A. F. Mackenzie, S.J., W. Norman Pittenger, Sophie Laws, Robert Eno, S.S., Frederick W. Norris, Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld, Brian Daley, S.J., Charles S. McCoy, J. T. Lienhard, S.J., Alastair Campbell, Maria Harris, Francis Clooney, S.J., John Haughey, S.J., James Keenan, S.J., Diana L. Hayes, Robin Jensen, John Kelsay, William J. Harmless, S.J., Sidney H. Griffith, S.T., Joseph A. Bracken, S.J., Paul Heck, Anne Clifford, C.S.J., Kelley E. Spoerl, George M. Smiga, S.T.D., and William S. Campbell. The chairholder for 2011-2012 is Reverend Thomas Michel, S.J.

The Edmund F. Miller, S.J., Chair in Classics

The Miller Chair, endowed originally by a $1.5 million grant from the F. J. O’Neill Charitable Trust, honors the memory of Edmund F. Miller, S.J., who was rector of the John Carroll University Jesuit Community, associate professor of classical languages, and a trustee of the University. The study of the classical tradition and the humanistic values it represents has always occupied a prominent role in Jesuit education. The Miller Chair brings an established Jesuit scholar to campus to further this tradition through teaching and research. Past holders of the chair have been Roland J. Teske, S.J., Robert J. O’Connell, S.J., James N. Loughran, S.J., Arthur R. Madigan, S.J., Gary M. Gurtler, S.J., David H. Gill, S.J., Gregory I. Carlson, S.J., and Claude Pavur, S.J.

The Wasmer Chair in American Values

In 1977, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wasmer, Sr., endowed the Wasmer Chair in American Values. Their interest in the chair is carried on by their sons, Jack ’45, and George ’58, and their families. The chair supports research and academic activities in the Boler School of Business, particularly research focused on the American free enterprise system and business ethics. The Boler School’s Wasmer Fellows, Wasmer Outstanding Teaching Award, and Wasmer Summer Grants are supported through this endowment.

The Don Shula Chair of Philosophy

The study of philosophy is central to Jesuit higher education. John Carroll graduates regularly testify to the shaping influence philosophy has had on their lives. Through lectures, seminars, courses, research, and related activities, the Shula Program in Philosophy, directed by the Don Shula Chair, encourages John Carroll students to question, examine, and formulate values, and to respond ethically to important issues that will confront them now and in the course of their lives and careers. Previous holders of the Shula Chair include Dr. Robert Sweeney and Dr. Brenda Wirkus. The current holder is Dr. Mariana J. Ortega.

The John J. Kahl, Sr., Chair in Entrepreneurship

The John J. Kahl, Sr., Chair in Entrepreneurship in the Boler School of Business supports a faculty member’s teaching and research on the various aspects of entrepreneurship. The holder of the Kahl Chair develops and conducts the academic side of entrepreneurship at the University and works closely with the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship to connect the members of the Entrepreneurs Association with faculty members and students.

The Kahl Chair was funded in 1998 through a $1 million gift from 1962 alumnus Jack Kahl, Jr. founder and former CEO of Manco, Inc., currently Henkel Consumer Adhesives, and a matching gift from the Boler Challenge Fund. The chair is named for John J. Kahl, Sr., father of Jack Kahl, Jr. Past holders of the chair have been Dr. Dianne H. B. Welsh and Dr. John C. Soper.

The Standard ProductsDr. James S. Reid Chair in Management

Endowed by the Reid Family, the Standard Products Company, its foundation, and other friends, The Standard Products—Dr. James S. Reid Chair in Management provides support to a tenured professor or associate professor in the Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics in the Boler School of Business. The chair emphasizes quality issues and innovative business practices to prepare students for leadership roles in business. The chair holder’s research focuses on these issues to enhance the academic reputation of the Boler School and, as part of the service component of the chair, to assist local firms and organizations seeking to revitalize industry in Northeastern Ohio. Past holders of the chair have been Dr. Mark D. Treleven, Dr. Marian M. Extejt, Dr. Paul R. Murphy, Jr., Dr. Charles A. Watts, Dr. J. Benjamin Forbes, and Dr. Bradley Z. Hull. The current Standard Products—Reid Professor is Dr. Nathan Hartman.

The John G. and Mary Jane Breen Chair in Catholic Studies

This chair is funded out of the endowment created by John G. and Mary Jane Breen for the Institute of Catholic Studies, which was initiated in 1997. It is intended to support the director of the institute for his organizational leadership and vision, teaching of courses related to the concentration in Catholic studies, and ongoing scholarship on the Catholic intellectual legacy. The current holder of the chair is Dr. Paul V. Murphy, Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity.

The Jack and Mary Jane Breen Chair in Catholic Systematic Theology

The Jack and Mary Jane Breen Chair in Catholic Systematic Theology, established as an integral part of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, was inaugurated in 2011 through a generous endowment gift from Jack and Mary Jane Breen, alumni of John Carroll University. The chair will enhance John Carroll’s Jesuit and Catholic tradition through the teaching of Catholic systematic theology, an academic discipline that seeks to develop an orderly, rational, and intelligible account of the Catholic faith. A distinguished academic will teach undergraduate and graduate students, participate in the dissemination of scholarly research, and interact with both the John Carroll University community and the world beyond. The current holder of the chair is Dr. Edward P. Hahnenberg.

Endowed Professorships

The KPMG Professorship in Accountancy

This professorship in accountancy, established in 1990 by the international public accounting firm of KPMG LLP (formerly Peat Marwick), provides support to a tenured professor or associate professor in the Department of Accountancy. The professorship seeks to expand student and community awareness and knowledge of issues in finance and accounting through excellence in teaching, research, and service. Previous KPMG professors were Dr. Richard Fleischman, Dr. Lawrence P. Kalbers, Dr. Roland L. Madison, Dr. William Cenker, Dr. Karen Schuele, and Dr. Albert Nagy. The current KPMG professor is Dr. Robert Bloom.

The Gerard Manley Hopkins Professorship in British Literature

Named for the nineteenth-century Jesuit, a significant figure in British poetry, the Gerard Manley Hopkins Professorship in British Literature enables the University to support programs and host visiting scholars and writers who teach, offer public lectures and readings, and work to inspire faculty, students, and the community. The professorship is endowed through the generosity of the late Leland and Helen Schubert with matching support from the Boler Challenge Fund. Its intent is to enrich the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of English, foster interdisciplinary endeavors, and bring greater national visibility to the department and the University. The first Hopkins Professor in British Literature was Dr. Willy Maley. Other holders of the chair have been Dr. Duncan Wu, Dr. Oliver Plunkett Rafferty, S.J., Dr. David Attwell, Dr. Matthew Pateman, Dr. Derek Cohen, poet Mary Morrissy, novelist Nino Ricci, and playwright Fatima Dike. Hopkins funds have also been used to bring to campus Actors from the London Stage, a troupe of actors that performs Shakespeare’s plays. In 2011-12 the professorship is occupied jointly by actor Robert Smith and Dr. Thomas P. Roche, a Spenser scholar.

Endowed Lectureships and Selected Awards

Bernard Hollander Lectureship in Jewish Studies

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies offers several courses in Jewish studies. These courses, taught by a rabbi, are sponsored by the Jewish Chautauqua Society. It is the society’s goal to make accessible to students courses in Jewish history and theology. Since 1976, this program has been made possible by a gift in memory of Bernard Hollander. Past holders of the lectureship include Rabbis Philip Horowitz, Stuart Geller, and Arthur J. Lelyveld. The current holder is Rabbi Michael Oppenheimer.

Louis E. and Marcia M. Emsheimer Charitable Trust Philanthropic Fund

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies’ courses in Jewish studies are also supported by the Louis E. and Marcia M. Emsheimer Charitable Trust Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland. A past recipient of this support was Jacob Shtull.

The Bediüzzaman Said Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies has received financial support to establish the Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies from two Turkish businessmen who were inspired by the work and teachings of Bediüzzaman Said Nursi (1879-1960), a prominent Islamic scholar from Turkey. Nursi dedicated his entire life to the teachings of the Qur’an and wrote over 100 books and treatises on Islamic subjects. Additional support comes from the Muslim and Turkish communities of Cleveland. Department courses on Islam receive funding as well from the Nursi Endowment Chair. The Nursi Chair also hosts lectures and other special events designed to foster a better understanding of Islam and to encourage dialogue and understanding among faculty, students, and the Cleveland community. The first holder of the chair is Dr. Zeki Saritoprak.

Kahl Endowment for Internationalization of the Curriculum

Funded through a gift of $500,000 from Jack Kahl ’62, founder of Manco, Inc., and a member of the John Carroll Board of Directors, the Kahl Endowment supports faculty travel related to the internationalization of the curriculum. Since its establishment in 1994, the endowment has enabled faculty members to visit destinations around the globe for the purpose of creating courses with an international theme or of incorporating an international dimension into preexisting courses. Applications must include a letter of support from the faculty member’s department chair and approval from the appropriate dean. Guidelines for interested faculty are available from the Office of the Academic Vice President.

Mulwick Scholars

The Mulwick Scholars, established in 2008, recognizes superior scholars in the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University. Faculty selected as Mulwick Scholars are so designated based on a history of consistent high-quality research productivity and anticipated future superior research output. The Mulwick Scholars program is funded through a gift from the Mulwick Estate.

Wasmer Fellows

The Wasmer Fellows program recognizes faculty members in the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University who consistently perform at an above average level in the areas of teaching, research, and service. Faculty selected as Wasmer Fellows are so designated based on a history of consistently strong performance as a contributing citizen of the Boler School of Business and John Carroll University communities. The Wasmer Fellows program was established in 2008 and is funded through the Wasmer endowment.