A Church with Open Doors: Catholic Ecclesiology for the Third Millenium

Richard R. Gaillardetz and Edward P. Hahnenberg, Editors

Catholic ecclesiology stands at the threshold of a new moment in the reception of the Second Vatican Council. The election of Pope Francis—coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the council—has inspired a fresh consideration of its teaching in such diverse areas as ecumenism, inculturation, missiology, and ministry. A Church with Open Doors had its origin in a special symposium that called together over forty of the leading Catholic scholars from throughout North America in order to discuss the future of theological reflection on the church. The nine essays in this volume guided that conversation and offer an entry into some of the most pressing issues in ecclesiology today.


Theology for Ministry: An Introduction for Lay Ministers

Edward P. Hahnenberg

Theology for Ministry is for beginning ministry students, seasoned lay leaders, and anyone in between who wants to learn more about the faith that feeds their call to serve. Six easy-to-read chapters introduce the main areas of theology that every lay minister ought to know: the notion of vocation, the doctrine of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, church, and ministry. By sharing personal stories and simple examples, Edward Hahnenberg brings the Bible to life and dusts off ancient church doctrines—revealing the many ways our tradition can inspire the work of lay ministers today.


Awakening Vocation: A Theology of Christian Call

Edward P. Hahnenberg

Does God have a specific plan for each of us, or is it more like general guidelines for all of us? How do my gifts and abilities, my personality and particular circumstances impact my vocation? What is the role of the church in this process? What are the needs of the world that call us to respond?

Awakening Vocation explores these questions and breathes new life into an ancient idea. Inspired by the broad and inclusive vision of the Second Vatican Council, the book recovers a theology of vocation that is intellectually credible, pastorally relevant, and personally meaningful.


A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II

Edward P. Hahnenberg

The sixteen documents of the Second Vatican Council are the most important texts produced by the Catholic Church in the past 400 years. They shape virtually every aspect of church life today. But hardly anyone ever reads them.

It is not that these documents are hard to come by or difficult to understand. It is just that they need a proper introduction. This book is meant to be that introduction. Each of its sixteen chapters offers (1) a brief history of one council document, (2) a section-by-section reading guide, and (3) a set of contemporary questions for discussion.


Ministries: A Relational Approach

Edward P. Hahnenberg

Ministries: A Relational Approach offers the language of relationship as the key to restarting the theological conversation surrounding ministry in the Catholic Church today. Surveying the developments since the Second Vatican Council, five chapters challenge the dichotomies that separate clergy and laity, Christ and Spirit, institution and communion, ordination and baptism. The result is a comprehensive theology of ministry that calls all the faithful to relationships of service.


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