Information Technology Coordinator-Boler School of Business
Instructor of Business Information Systems
Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics

M.B.A. Central Michigan University
B.S. Central Michigan University


Mr. Blamer joined the faculty of John Carroll in 1995. Prior to joining the business school he was involved in a number of Fortune 500 Companies including American Express, Apple Computer, IBM and EDS in developing financial and accounting information systems. Additionally, Mr. Blamer, starting in the late 1970s as a serial entrepreneur has started and run several tech startups in the area of Application Development and System Design. He also has a consulting practice in educational information systems in the higher education market.


Business Information Systems

Additional Information

Mr. Blamer’s current role involves directing the development of information systems and procedures in the Boler School and coordinating with the University IT Group. He also teaches business information courses.