Professor of Finance Emeritus
Department of Economics and Finance

Ph.D. Michigan State University
M.B.A. Michigan State University
B.S. University of Hartford

Prior to coming to John Carroll, Roy Brooks held faculty positions at the University of Delaware, as Associate Professor 1971-1976, and Professor University of South Carolina, 1976-2001.

Dr. Brooks teaching interests included domestic and global corporate finance and investments topics. Dr. Brooks emphasized the extensive use of computers in financial education. His financial management simulation game is in its 8th edition with McGraw-Hill. The web-based multi-period case allows students throughout the world to simulate the management of a hypothetical company through time while making finance and other key operating decisions.

Dr. Brooks’ current research is primarily in financial economics. Topics include mutual fund performance, Investors’ risk based on their time-horizon to having net investment withdrawals. Over 60 papers from his research have been published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Business, Review of Economics and Statistics, Management Science, Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Financial Research and numerous other journals in finance, economics, accounting, and management science. He has given more than 70 academic meeting presentations. Dr. Brooks is the past editor for the Journal of Financial Education and the journal, Advances in Financial Education.