Chair: Albert Nagy, Ph.D. –Professor of Accountancy, Mulwick Scholar
Administrative Assistant: Katie Spring
Contact: 216.397.4393
Location: BR 13, Ground Floor
Graduate Assistant: Joyce (Qiushi) Wang

Robert Bloom, Ph.D. –Professor of Accountancy, Wasmer Fellow
Don Dailey, CPA – Executive in Residence
George Goodrich, CPA – Executive in Residence
Alissa Choi
 — Visiting Instructor of Accountancy
Joanna Garcia, Ph.D.-Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Arthur Petzel, III, Ph.D.-Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Karen Schuele, Ph.D. – Professor of Accountancy
Mark Sheldon, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Mariah Webinger, Ph.D.– Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Gerald Weinstein, Ph.D. –KPMG Professorship in Accountancy

Economics and Finance

Department Chair: Andrew Welki, Ph.D.– Associate Professor of Economics
Administrative Assistant: Cat Stover
Mellen Chair Administrative Assistant: Kara D’Angelos
Contact: 216.397.4508
Location: SB 232
Graduate Assistant: Matthew McGervey

Anthony Aveni, CFA – Executive in Residence
LeRoy Brooks Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus of Finance
Lindsay Calkins, Ph.D. – Associate Dean BSOB, Associate Professor of Economics
Lawrence Cima, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Economics
William Elliott, Ph.D. – Edward J. and Louise E. Mellen Chair in Finance, Professor of Finance
Simran Kahai, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Economics
Sokchea Lim, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Economics
Scott Moore, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Finance
Frank Navratil, Ph.D. – Professor of Finance and Economics
Walter Simmons, Ph.D.– Associate Dean, Boler School of Business, Director, IBLC Program, Professor of Economics
Feng Zhan, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Finance
Thomas Zlatoper, Ph.D. – Professor of Economics

Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain

Chair:  Charles A. Watts-Professor of Supply Chain Management
Administrative Assistant: Ann Buda
Contact: 216.397.4386
Dr. James S. Reid Standard Products Chair Administrative Assistant: Lisa Heckman
Contact: 216.397.4665
Location: SB 210, Top Floor
Graduate Assistants:

Scott Allen, Ph.D.–Associate Professor of Management
Stacy Astrove, Ph.D.-Assistant Professor of Management
William Bockanic, J.D. – Professor of Management
Tom Bonda, J.D. –Visiting Assistant Professor
Sebastian Brockhaus, Ph.D.-Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management
Ryan Burns –Leadership Coach
Alison Dachner, Ph.D. –Assistant Professor of Management
Tina Facca-Miess, Ph.D. –Associate Professor of Marketing; Director, Non-Profit Administration
Robert Giacalone, Ph.D.–The Raymond and Eleanor Smiley Chair in Business Ethics, Professor of Management
Richard Grenci, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Management
Bradley Hull, Ph.D. –Associate Professor of Management
Marc Lynn, Ph.D.–Associate Professor of Management
Alina Marculetiu, ABDVisiting Instructor of Supply Chain Management
James Martin, Ph.D. – Professor of Marketing
Rosanna Miguel, Ph.D. –Associate Professor of Management
Paul Murphy, Ph.D. –Professor of Marketing
Arilova Randrianasolo, Ph.D. –Assistant Professor of Marketing
Brian Saxton, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor of Management

Doan Winkel, Ph.D.–The John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair of Entrepreneurship, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Yinglu (Elle) Wu, Ph.D. –Assistant Professor of Marketing


The Dean’s Office

Dean: Alan Miciak, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant to the Dean: Teresa Miller
Administrative Assistant: Zelita Ragland
Contact: 216.397.4391
Location: SB 117, Main Floor
Graduate Assistants: Jess Stewart, Ariana Carver and Jennifer Sloat

Laura Atkins
Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Lindsay Calkins, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty and Students

Suzanne Krupa
Assistant to the Dean, Data and Financial Management

Brandi Mandzak
Internship and Employer Relations Coordinator

Laurie Schneck
Academic Advisor

Walter Simmons, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Programs and Curriculum

Kris Tibbs, MBA
Assistant Dean for Graduate Business Programs