Welcome to the Center for Leadership Skills Development!

According to the university’s mission statement, “Innovation, experiment, and training for social leadership are essential to the Jesuit tradition.” Our office is dedicated to providing leadership development resources to the students of John Carroll University. The programs offered at the graduate level further develop concepts and skills taught at the undergraduate level.

Courses offered at the graduate level:

(MN550) Leadership & Managerial Skills

This course provides a comprehensive assessment of the student’s leadership and managerial skills, including individual feedback, classroom discussion, and exercises.  Through experiential skill building activities, the course will make the student aware of a wide variety of skills necessary for success as a leader and manager.

(MB551) Ethical Decision Making

This course will introduce students to alternative frameworks for ethical decision-making. Students will be challenged to use course content to navigate course assignments and ultimately design their own model of ethical decision-making.

(MB552) Leadership Lab

Through experiential skill building activities, assessment, and coaching, this course provides students with a wide variety of skills necessary for success. The course requires students to demonstrate strong conceptual understanding of leadership and the ability to diagnose and plan interventions. Ultimately, students will be required to demonstrate their ability to effectively lead others.

 (MB558) Organizational & Team Leadership

This interactive and experiential course challenges students to begin thinking about leadership at the group/organizational levels. Through presentations, small group discussion and various activities, students have an opportunity for deliberate practice as they continue to develop their skills.

(MB557) Executive Communication & Trust

Great leaders are great communicators. They have the ability to communicate a vision, energize others, and capture the hearts and minds of followers. This course will help students more effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and passions.

(MB590) Executive Leadership

Executives face a unique set of responsibilities in organizational life and must have a clear understanding of their approach to navigate leadership challenges. Based on various forms of research, students will design their own model of executive leadership and share their findings with community leaders.

Undergraduate leadership opportunities and resources can be found at:

JCU Leadership

Leadership Scholars Program 

Leadership Minor

Student Activities


For more information please contact one of the following:

Dr. Scott Allen Coordinator, SB 306

Ryan BurnsLeadership Skills Coach, BR 49

Merve Erdir  – Graduate Assistant, SB105

Bela Krizanovic  Graduate Assistant, SB 105

The Office of Management, Marketing, and Logistics: 216.397.4386