Becoming a Student in the Boler School of Business
All students, including transfer students, enter John Carroll University through the College of Arts and Sciences. After completing 45 semester hours of college credit, business degree-seeking applicants must petition for admission to the Boler School. In your sophomore year you will attend a meeting to learn about being admitted to the Boler School and receive an application. Contact the Dean’s office, SB 117, for more information at 216-397-4391.

Finding Your Advisor
Enter the “Secure Area” of Banner Web and select the “Registration and Academic Services” menu. Under “Student Records,” select “Degree Evaluation.” At the bottom of the page, you will find your advisor’s name and email address. If you wish to change your advisor, visit the office relevant to your status.

What do you want to do?
Boler offers 7 majors: Accountancy, Economics, Finance, International Business with Language and Culture, Management and Human Resources, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. The Business Core helps you discover your interests and determine the best major for you.

A business major accounts for almost 50% of your total credit hours required to graduate from John Carroll – all the more reason to choose a topic you love.


Perhaps your major interests lie in the offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences, but you would like a foundation in business.  A business minor complements other fields of study and exemplifies an understanding of systems, markets, personal interaction, and analysis.  A full list of courses required for the business minor is available in the Boler School of Business Dean’s office, SB 117.

The Entrepreneurship minor is an interdisciplinary offering open to students of all majors.  This option is perfect if you appreciate creativity, innovation, and service with a desire to be your own boss. See JCU’s entrepreneurship website for more information.

A minor in economics is an intellectually challenging and rewarding course of study. The logical and ordered approach to problem solving is exemplified by a minor in economics and will complement practically any other field of study. This minor is open to all students at John Carroll University.

The 5th Year MBA is open to students of all majors at John Carroll University. It is important that you express an interest in this program to your advisor as early as possible during your time at John Carroll.