Independent Study

Ready to learn in your own way and blaze a new path?

You will need to confirm the description, requirements, and method of evaluation of your independent study with the supervising professor. When the details have been nailed out, the independent study form should be sent to the Boler School of Business Dean’s Office for approval.

Transient Petition

Need to transfer credit from another university?

You willl need a course description from the school where you want to take the course and the Transient Petition form filled out, approved, and signed.

When your course is complete transcripts should be sent to the Registrar at John Carroll University.

Graduation Application

So your time in the Boler School of Business graduate program is coming to an end, and you are ready to cloak yourself with your hood. However, before you can wear your hood with pride, be sure you have read and understand the Graduation Procedures for Boler School of Business Graduates and have filled out a Graduation Application.

5th Year Accountancy Scholarship Application

Need a little help funding graduate school career?

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Request the scholarship after it has been awarded

This scholarship is intended for students in the 5th year program who are not yet qualified to sit for the CPA exam.

Complete Withdrawal Form

There might be times when, under special circumstances, a student needs to withdraw from John Carroll University for one semester or longer. When this time comes, students need to complete the withdrawal form and bring it to the Office of Graduate Studies to discuss the process for withdrawal. Please print the Complete Withdrawal Form, complete the student information section, and bring the form to the Dean’s Office of the Boler School of Business.