Course Scheduling
Flowcharts, block schedules, and tools to help you plan your studies.

Financial Aid
Learn how to apply for loans and grants for your graduate program.

Forms and Petitions
Get the forms you need to transfer credits or determine how a particular course fits into your degree requirements.

Ensure that you are on track to graduate according to plan and obtain the necessary forms to submit for graduation.

JCU Resources
See what University resources are available to help you navigate your studies and your stress.

Discover opportunities for involvement at the University and other professional organizations in the area.

Professional Experience ApprovalĀ 
Complete the application to obtain approval for the Full-Time (5th-year) MBA professional experience requirement.

Professional Experience ApprovalĀ – Full Time Job Offers Only
If you have received a full time job offer, complete the application to satisfy the Full-Time (5th-year) MBA professional experience requirement.