Speak to our students.

The student educational experience is significantly enriched when managers can share their knowledge and experience with the students. If you would like to give our students the insights of a professional, we have a variety of mechanisms for doing so. For example, you can be a guest speaker in a class, a speaker at a student organization event, help team-teach a class with a professor, or be a speaker in our Leadership Speaker Series. Please contact us if you are interested.

Fund our programs and scholarships.

The generosity of our alumni and friends keep our business programs and scholarships available to our students. Whether you would like to help keep the impact of our current programs and scholarships growing, or you have an idea about a new program or scholarship and would like to help get it started, let us know about it.

Submit to the Boler Blog.

The new Boler Blog is always looking for ideas and guest writers. Do you have a great blog idea that we are not talking about? Let your voice be heard! Contact Dr. James Martin to submit your idea.

Hire our students.

Boler grads have a reputation of excellence in the business community. Ask around and you’ll hear how our students can help move your organization forward. Join the John Carroll Career Center in choosing your organization’s next rising star from our Boler School of Business talented candidate pool.

Partner with us.

Become a Boler Partner and engage with us at the highest level.