Ask a Boler Expert
Having difficulty engaging your employees? Can’t seem to figure out why your sales are down despite your wonderful advertisements? Do you find yourself with tons of inventory of all the wrong products but then shortages on the important items you need? Ask one of the experts at the Boler School and we’ll help you get back on track.

The Ginn Institute
If you are a non-profit organization, the Ginn Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility has a program that will pay students for an internship in your organization. This gives students a chance to apply their business expertise in a non-profit setting and gives your organization a chance to fill out the marketing, management, or accounting side of what you do. This is an outstanding opportunity if you have a specific project that you need planned or implemented.

JCU Center for Service and Social Action
Our faculty and students really enjoy being involved in a variety of community service activities. If you have a service project, or an idea for one, contact the JCU Center for Service and Social Action and they can help you connect with the right students and faculty to make it happen.

Entrepreneur Resources
Whether you are a fledgling business trying to get started or a smaller enterprise trying to become a larger enterprise, the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship and the JCU Entrepreneurs Association have approximately 200 members who are successful entrepreneurs with mountains of knowledge and experience.

Student Talent
Build a Boler student talent pipeline to your organization by engaging with us through our Professional Experience Program. Talented student candidates are available to serve as interns, part-time employees or to offer expertise by way of project work throughout the year. Contact Brandi Mandzak, Internship and Employer Relations Coordinator, to get started.

New! Become a Boler Partner
Join an elite group of employers and increase your engagement on our campus as a Boler Partner. Membership comes with many benefits including exclusive access to our talented student candidates.