There are three practical requirements of the IBLC major: a semester abroad, an international internship, and an internship either in northeast Ohio or another part of the U.S. of your choosing.

Study Abroad
You will spend a semester studying at a university in the country of your chosen language. This would typically occur in the spring semester of your junior year, although there is enough flexibility in the program that you could, depending on your course sequencing, take the study abroad semester during another semester.

International Internship
You will also complete an internship in your study abroad country. The internship could be completed during your semester abroad or during the summer following the semester abroad. You will work with the directors of the IBLC major to connect with internship opportunities.

Domestic Internship
You will also complete an internship with a U.S.-based organization that is conducting business in the country of the your study abroad experience. This internship should be done in your senior year, following the international internship.

Having experienced business from both perspectives will give you the opportunity to reflect on the differences and similarities between the people, behaviors, values, and business decision making of the U.S. and another country.