In addition to the University Core and the standard Business Core, there are four categories of courses in the IBLC major: language, country-specific culture, required international business courses, and international business electives. The program requires a total of 129 hours, including:

  • 57 hours of University Core
  • 39 hours of Business Core
  • 12 hours of a language through two semesters of the 300 level
  • 21 hours of international business major requirements

Language Requirements
Language through two semesters at the 300 level is required. Throughout the three years of language courses, you will slowly be introduced to the basic vocabulary of business (e.g., customers, advertising, employees, etc.). Click here to learn about the 11 languages offered at John Carroll.

Country-specific Culture
As part of the University Core, you will be required to take two courses that focus on some aspect of the culture of the country associated with your chosen language. These courses will cover contemporary political, social and/or economic factors, all seen through a historical and/or cultural perspective that will allow you to understand how the culture of the country arrived at its current situation. These courses will be offered by various departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Business Core
You will need to satisfy all business core requirements, giving you the technical background in the different business functional areas.

International Business Courses
There are four required international business courses. These courses are not language specific. All IBLC students take these classes.

  • Culture and Change
  • International Transaction Instruments and Processes
  • Understanding International Markets
  • Business Problem Solving Across Cultures

IBLC Elective Requirements
You will be required to take three international business electives. These electives should be taken during your study abroad semester.