The human resource management major is designed for students interested in the human element of organizations and how it can contribute to organizational success.  As a vital link to any company’s bottom line, the human resource management major educates students beyond the fundamental functions of managing employee benefits and recruiting efforts. It prepares students with the knowledge and experience to manage the more complex matters in human resource management today.

John Carroll is dedicated to developing socially responsible leaders.  With a foundation in Jesuit Catholic teaching, our faculty focuses on providing students with the tools needed to make ethical decisions in business and in the larger community.  We believe in educating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and ensuring that all aspects of education help students to become  well-rounded, well-educated person.

What does this Mean for You?
The major prepares graduates for positions in business, government, and civic enterprise.  It is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue careers in the HR field, including positions such as: human resource specialists or managers, benefits administrators, compensation analysts, staffing managers, human resource analysts, organizational performance managers, personnel administrators or directors, training managers, recruiters, and employee relations managers.  In addition to business classes, the major provides a solid background in the liberal arts, sciences, and communications.

The core courses are taught by professional leaders in their fields, who advise and mentor students throughout their four years at Carroll, exposing them to aspects of global business, information technology, and the application of professional ethics/morals, as well as instilling them with technical competence and analytical skills.

Where do alumni go after graduation?
Students will graduate with the ability to work with the organization’s top executive management team to develop innovative competitive advantage strategies that strengthen employee policies.  Human resource management graduates are valued in the private sector, public sector and non-profit organizations in numerous roles, from entry-level to Chief Human Resource Officer.  Other graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees in fields such as Employment Law.  With an increased emphasis on the strategic contributions of the human resource management function in organizations, opportunities in the field will only continue to grow.

To learn more specifics about human resource management, please visit our Undergraduate Bulletin.