The concentration in international studies is offered in conjunction with the Center for Global Education and is open to all majors.

The program will encourage you to develop an awareness of international diversity and global interdependence through the study of cultures and analysis of international issues.

How do we do this?

John Carroll is dedicated to developing socially responsible leaders. With a foundation in over 450 years of Jesuit Catholic teaching, our faculty focus on providing students with the tools needed to make ethical decisions in business and in the larger community. We believe in educating you as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and ensuring that all aspects of your education help you to become a well-rounded, well-educated person.

What does this mean for you?

You will work with the director of the Center for Global Education to create a course of study on a particular topic, issue, or world region. A minimum of 27 credit hours are required to complete the concentration, including:

  • The two international courses required by the University Core.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level. (This can be met by taking the intermediate-level courses or by placing out of them.)
  • Other specified course work in three different departments, including your major department.

If you study abroad during your time at John Carroll you are encouraged to apply the credits you earn to the concentration.

For more detailed information on the international studies concentration, including particular course requirements, students should consult their advisors and the director of the Center for Global Education as early as possible. The concentration’s coordinator, Andreas Sobisch, Ph.D., Department of Political Science, and director, Center for Global Education, can be reached at or 216.397.4183.