The Boler School offers students the opportunity for short-term trips to other countries as part of a course.  These courses are offered on a periodic basis and students are encouraged to look here or ask their academic advisor for updated information.

Course Trips for 2011-2012

21st Century Business, Politics and Society in India (Instructor: Simran Kahai, Ph.D.)

This course will be offered in the Spring 2012 semester, March 1 through March 11. The focus of the course will be on understanding the nature of business and politics in India and how business practice is changing as the country’s culture becomes more globalized.

Entrepreneurial Development in Honduras (Instructor: Jim Martin, Ph.D.)

This course will be offered in the Spring 2012 semester, followed by a trip to Honduras in May after the end of the semester. The focus of the course will be preparing to teach basic business skills to teenagers at two different oprhanages in Honduras. We will study the history, the culture and the economy of Honduras to understand how and why teaching business skills to these teenagers can provide hope for their future.