We encourage all Boler students to pursue an international study opportunity if at all possible. International experiences broaden the student’s perspective, making them more effective as leaders and more attractive to employers.

While students in the International Business with Language and Culture major are required to study internationally and work in an internship internationally, all students in the Boler School can study abroad for a semester or for a shorter time period if a semester doesn’t work out.

The Boler London Program

This program is designed for second semester sophomores to study in London for the semester. The courses students take in London are the same courses they would take here at JCU so they are right on track for graduation.

Other Study Abroad Opportunities

If the whole “fish ‘n chips” experience in London doesn’t appeal to a student, we have a wide variety of other locations where students can spend a semester studying. If the student is ready to take a series of business courses, we have programs in Beijing (China), Rouen (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain), and Koblenz (Germany) among many other possibilities. If the student is still taking a majority of University core classes, the possibilities are endless.

Short-Term International Experiences

The Boler School also offers “course-study trips” that focus on business issues in one country. These courses are offered on a periodic basis so students should ask the dean’s office about these opportunities. For example, for the 2011-2012 academic year, we will be offering a course on 21st Century Business, Politics and Society in India and a course on Entrepreneurial Development in Honduras.

Generally, planning for an international experience should be worked out at least a year in advance with the student’s advisor, Laura Atkins (Assistant Dean in the Boler School of Business) and the Center for Global Education. Academic and personal planning for this kind of experience requires forethought, so students will want to start early to ensure a successful experience.