About Our Specialized Program
The Master of Science in Laboratory Administration is designed to prepare laboratory personnel to manage and grow a laboratory as a business. The program focuses on practical skills and includes a series of in-depth case studies designed to address real-world issues and challenges found in a laboratory setting.

Topics in the program include:

  • Accounting and budgeting processes for laboratories (understanding financial reports, costing, billing coding, and compliance).
  • Written and oral communications (policies, white papers, scientific reports, and communicating to supervisors, peers, and direct reports).
  • Human resources (EEOC, talent management, and interviewing, training, and evaluating laboratory employees).
  • Leadership (group dynamics, change management, team building, negotiations and conflict resolution in laboratory settings).
  • Lab operations (process flows, instrumentation, scheduling, supply chain, and quality).
  • Laboratory informatics (understanding the interrelatedness of systems, challenges to data integrity, and developing and implementing system policies).
  • Strategic planning for growing laboratory revenue in a competitive environment.