The Boler Professional MBA curriculum brings academic excellence together with the real world. This 33-credit hour program (51 if all Foundation Courses are required) is designed to be completed in two to three years. The course schedule for the MBA program (excluding the MBA Foundation Courses and the In-Depth Study Courses) is as follows:

First Year


  • Leadership Lab (2 credits)
  • Ethical Decision Making (1 credit)
  • Analytical Modeling (1 credit)


  • Information, Analytical Tools, and Innovation (3 credits)
  • Organization and Team Leadership (1 credit)
  • Creativity in Business Problem Solving (1 credit)


  • Innovation, Planning, and Forecasting (3 credits)

Second Year


  • Resource Allocation Decisions (3 credits)
  • Executive Communication and Trust (1 credit)


  • Implementation & Key Performance Assessment (3 credits)


  • Executive Leadership (1 credit)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility (3 credits)
  • CEO Insights (1 credits)

In addition, students must complete three In-Depth Study courses of which one is an international business course.

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