Our Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA program is for recent college graduates from any institution, regardless of major.  The program is uniquely structured to allow students to finish the degree in 12 months assuming successful completion of certain undergraduate business classes, the Business Foundations, prior to entering the program. Additional features of the program include the following:

A Cohort Program
The Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA program is structured as a cohort program meaning students matriculate through the program as a group.

  • For students coming into the program with all of the Foundation Courses successfully completed, the program will start in the fall semester and will be completed the following summer.
  • Students with an accounting undergraduate degree needing to complete 150 university credit hours to sit for the CPA exam may begin the 5th Year MBA program in the summer and complete the program the following spring.
  • Students needing to complete only a few Business Foundation courses may complete those courses in the summer and start the core of the program in the fall semester, typically completing the program the following summer.

Elective Courses
This program requires two elective courses which will give students the opportunity to explore topics in business that are timely and may cross different functional areas of a business.  These courses could provide an in-depth examination of innovation, creativity, advanced data analytics, entrepreneurship, sustainability or other topics. At least one of the two required elective courses must be a global course.  The Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA program does offer an international trip/course between the fall and spring semesters that satisfies the global elective requirement. The cost of the trip is in addition to tuition and will vary depending on the destination.

A Rigorous Learning Environment
The MBA Core and Capstone classes in this program are primarily taught with the case-method of teaching.  This is a Socratic approach to teaching in which students learn through the application of concepts to business problems during structured class discussions of business cases.