If the prerequisite Boler MBA Foundation Courses have been successfully completed at the undergraduate level, the Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA program requires 30 credit hours to complete. The following are the classes included in the Full-Time (5th Year) MBA program:

Boler MBA Foundation Courses
These courses may be taken at the undergraduate level before students complete their bachelor degree or at the graduate level after they complete their bachelor degree.  Students who have taken the undergraduate equivalents from an accredited business program and received a minimum grade of B do not need to take the graduate level prerequisite Business Foundation Courses. These courses along with their JCU undergraduate equivalent courses (noted in parentheses) are listed below.

  • AC 521 Fundamentals of Accounting (AC 221* or AC 201-202)
  • EC 521 Fundamentals of Economics (EC 221* or EC 201-202)
  • EC 522 Business Statistics (EC 207-208 or MT 122-223 or MT 228)
  • FN 521 Fundamentals of Finance (FN 312)
  • MK 521 Principles of Marketing (MK 301)
  • MN 531 Organizational Behavior (MN 325 or PS 359)

*AC 221 and EC 221 may not be used to satisfy requirements toward the JCU undergraduate business minor.

Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA Core Courses
These courses constitute the Core of the MBA program. Students proceed through them as a cohort. One of these courses may be waived depending on the student’s undergraduate major.

  • AC 551 Managing Costs, Budgets, and Profits
  • EC 551 Business Decisions Using Economics
  • FN 551 Managing Financial Resources in Business
  • MK 551 Managing Marketing Resources for Value Creation
  • MHR 550 Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • MN 556 Analytics-Driven Business Insights

Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA Elective Courses

This program requires two elective courses which will give students the opportunity to explore topics in business that are timely and may cross different functional areas of a business.  These courses will vary from semester to semester. At least one of the two required electives must be a global course.  The 5th Year Boler MBA program does offer an international trip/course between the fall and spring semesters that satisfies the global elective requirement. The cost of the trip is in addition to tuition and will vary depending on the destination. The next global trip/course offered in between the fall and spring semester is noted below:

  • MHR 562 Global Business. This trip to London & Brussels is scheduled for January 2-13, 2018. For additional details, please view the trip/course brochure here.

Full-Time (5th Year) Boler MBA Capstone Courses

  • MN 591 Ethics and Business Environmental Issues
  • MN 592 Business Strategic Management

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