A successful brand relies on its unique positioning in the marketplace. Likewise, a successful businessperson must understand the importance of crafting a personal brand.

“We choose one product over another because it offers something special. The same is true for today’s professionals,” said Jenna Drenten, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing, Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics, Boler School of Business, John Carroll University. She recently spoke with Smart Business magazine about the importance of branding yourself and offered key strategies for managing a successful personal brand.

She explained that in branding yourself, the goal is to differentiate but maintain your message. She suggests developing a concise, one- to two-sentence personal positioning statement that reflects your unique value as a business professional.

Once you have pinpointed your unique brand, Drenten said you must communicate it to others. “Your goal is to actively promote and manage your personal brand. Take control of your online brand image by creating a personal website outlining your achievements or by starting a blog that allows you to share your distinct industry-related ideas.”

Regardless of the stage at which you are in your career, Drenten said it is important to stay marketable by creating a unique brand for yourself, separate from your identity within your company. “This gives you more opportunities for mobility both within and outside of your organization.”

Jenna Drenten, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Marketing in the Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics in the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University. Follow this link to read her full Smart Business article on personal branding, or reach her at jdrenten@jcu.edu.

Date posted: September 27, 2013