Without question, entrepreneurship is the hottest thing going today. Magazines and newspapers often feature a fabulously successful entrepreneur or talk about some of the literally hundreds of programs or courses being offered to help you become that entrepreneur. But how does that happen? “The best start for an entrepreneur is to gain experience,” says Mark Hauserman, director of The Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship. “This often means working for a company that may not have the biggest buildings on the block, but has an entrepreneurial attitude and will challenge you to spread your wings and continually take on new tasks.”

Similarly, Michael Kaufman president and CEO of Specialized Education Services Inc., spoke with Smart Business recently about how he and his leadership team have the ongoing task of analyzing the people within the SESI organization, determining what assets they have and how they can best fit together to strengthen the organization moving forward. “When you hire someone, you want to start from day one thinking not only that you hired them for a job, but you start thinking about what they can do here in their career,” Kaufman says. He says you believe in your people by giving them the structure to improve their skills, move up in the organization, and continually learn — both in formal training and on the job. You often learn on the job by making mistakes, which is why you can’t be quick to punish someone who commits an error.

To that point, Hauserman says burgeoning entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. “I have heard Edward Crawford, Chairman of Park Ohio and self-made entrepreneur, say that the common denominator in entrepreneurship is failure. Not every idea you have will be a winner, but people will respect you if you get up after being knocked down and get back in the game,” he says, noting “the younger entrepreneurs get it. A healthy 44 percent of young entrepreneurs feel that business failure is perceived as a learning opportunity.”

Kaufman says by forgiving mistakes, “you can find an incredible talent who believes they were put on this planet to do what they’re doing right now and you can get them to see that they are capable of even more than that — that they can become an amazing leader creating more leaders.”

For more on Michael Kaufman and SESI, see the full article at: http://www.sbnonline.com/2013/05/michael-kaufman-is-always-working-to-find-the-right-mix-of-past-heroes-and-future-stars-to-make-sesi-go

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Date posted: July 9, 2013