Associate Professor and Department Chair
Degrees: B.S. in Biology, University of Cincinnati
Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Expertise: Regulation of transcription and protein-DNA interactions

Research Interests

Currently, I have two research topics: RNA polymerase III transcription in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the use of ribosomal RNA secondary structures in cyanobacterial systematics.  Yeast work has focused on the role of Nhp6 in synthesis of tRNA and the U6 small nuclear RNA.  This work utilizes both biochemical and genetic techniques in this simple eukaryotic model organism.  The cyanobacterial work is done in collaboration with Jeff Johansen.  Here, we amplify, clone, and sequence regions of the ribosomal RNA operon that interact to form the secondary structure of the unprocessed transcript.  This work may shed light on previously difficult cyanobacterial classifications.  Summer undergraduate research students and graduate students have worked on both of these projects.

Recent Courses

BL 155 – Principles of Biology I
BL 156 – Principles of Biology II
BL 213 – Genetics
BL 215 – Introduction to Biotechnology Laboratory
BL 459/559 – Molecular Cell Biology
BL 478 – Biology Seminar

Selected Publications

Lukešová, A, JR Johansen, MP Martin, and DA Casamatta.  2009.  Aulosira bohemensis sp. nov.: further phylogenetic uncertainty at the base of the Nostocales (Cyanobacteria).  Phycologia 48:118-129.

Martin, MP and SM Detzel. 2008. A laboratory exercise to determine human ABO blood type by noninvasive methods. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 36: 139-47.

Martin, MP and SM Detzel. 2008. “Determining human blood type by non-invasive methods.”  Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching: Proceedings of the 29th Workshop/Conference of the Association of Biology Laboratory Education.

Martin, MP, Gerlach VL, and Brow DA.  2001.  A novel upstream RNA polymerase III promoter element becomes essential when the chromatin structure of the yeast U6 RNA gene is altered.Molecular and Cellular Biology 21: 6429-6439, 2001.