Postdoctoral Fellow

Degrees: BA in Biology with Mathematics Core, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN MS in Plant Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst PhD in Forest Resources and Graduate Certificate in Environmental Ethics, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Expertise: Plant physiology, Quantitative ecology, Ethics in Biology

Dr. Tuominen’s primary interest in plant metabolism has allowed him to aid the development of plant growth hardware flown on the International Space Station and to further the understanding of genetic regulation in aspen cells.  Kal has used his quantitative skills to investigate the mathematical basis for ecological complexity and to provide third-party statistical review of research informing Minnesota’s sulfate water quality standard for protection of wild rice (manoomin).  In his teaching, Kal has woven content on ethics and human diversity into courses such as Genetics, Biology of Women, and Biology, Race, and Racism.

The subject/titles of the course(s) you will teach

  • BL 109/109L Environmental Biology
  • BL 155 Principles of Biology I
  • BL 213 Genetics

Recognition / Awards (highlights)

  • John Carroll Postdoctoral Fellowship for Faculty Diversity (2017)
  • PlantingScience Fellow, Digging Deeper Project, Botanical Society of America (2017)
  • Public Policy Award, Botanical Society of America (2013)
  • National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences (2012)