Professor; Co-coordinator, Minor in Population and Public Health; Affiliated Faculty Member, Program in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights

Degrees: B.A. in Microbiology, Rutgers University
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Post-doctoral research in cloning and regulation of glycolytic enzyme genes in D. melanogaster, Syracuse University
Post-doctoral research in genetic and molecular analysis of germline development in C. elegans, Syracuse University

Expertise: Molecular genetics, Genetics

Research Interests

My research focuses on genetic and molecular analysis of germline stem cells in the model organism C. elegans, a soil nematode. All multicellular organisms have stem cells which have the capacity both for becoming different types of cells (differentiation) and for retaining their identity as stem cells (self-renewal). Germline cells, the cells that give rise to gametes in animals, are stem cells. Some germline cells divide and remain as stem cells while other germline cells divide and commit to becoming gametes, i.e. eggs and sperm. My lab is currently focused on identifying and understanding genes required for germline stem cells to function properly.

Recent Courses

BL 213 – Genetics
BL 215 – Introduction to Biotechnology Lab
BL 260 – Poverty and Disease
BL 465H – Molecular Genetics
BL 470 – Molecular Methods Lab

Selected Publications

Lissemore, J.L., Connors, E., Liu, Y., Qiao, L., Yang, B., Edgley, M.L., Flibotte, S., Taylor, J., Au, V., Moerman, D.G., and Maine, E.M. 2018.  The Molecular Chaperone HSP90 Promotes Notch Signaling in the Germline of Caenorhabditis elegans. G3 (Genes, Genomes, Genetics) 8: 1535–1544.

Lissemore, J.L., Bayes, J., Calvey, M., Reineke, L., Colagiavanni, A., Tscheiner, M., and Mascotti, D.P. 2009. Green fluorescent protein is superior to blue fluorescent protein as a quantitative reporter of promoter activity in E. coli. Mol. Biol. Rep. 36:1107-12.

Lissemore, J.L., Lackner, L.L., Fedoriw, G.D., and De Stasio, E.A. 2005. Isolation of C. elegans genomic DNA and detection of deletions in the unc-93 gene using PCR.  Biochem. Mol. Biol. Educ., 33:219-226.

Lissemore, J.L. 2005. Linkage of genetics and ethics: More crossing over is needed. Biol. Cell., 97:599-604.