Laboratory Instructor

Degrees: B.S. in Biology, John Carroll University
M.S. in Biology, John Carroll University

Expertise: Microbiology

Research Interests

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Recent Courses

BL 157 – Principles of Biology I Laboratory
BL 158 – Principles of Biology II Laboratory

Selected Publications

Slater, S.C., Goldman, B.S., Goodner, B., Setubal, J.C., Farrand, S.K., Nester, E.W., Burr, T.J., Banta, L., Dickerman, A.W., Paulsen, I., Otten, L., Suen, G., Welch, R. Almeida, N.F., Arnold, F., Burton, O.T., Du, Z., Ewing, A., Godsy, E., Heisel, S., Houmiel, K.L., Jhaveri, J., Lu, J., Miller, N.M., Norton, S., Chen, Q., Phoolcharoen, W., Ohlin, V., Ondrusek, D., Pride, N., Stricklin, S.L., Sun, J., Wheeler, C., Wilson, L., Zhu, H., & Wood, D.W.  2009.  Genome sequences of three Agrobacterium biovars help elucidate the evolution of multichromosome genomes in bacteria.  Journal of Bacteriology 191: 2501-2511.

Goodner, B., & Wheeler, C. 2006.  Functional genomics: using reverse genetics to test bioinformatics predictions.  ASM MicrobeLibrary (peer-reviewed Web site for microbiology teaching resources; 2007 winner of “Best Curriculum Resource Submission” by ASM MicrobeLibrary).

Goodner, B., &Wheeler, C. 2004. Genetic and physical mapping of a bacterial genome. ASM Microbe Library laboratory manuscript accepted (peer-reviewed Web resource site).

Goodner, B.W., Wheeler, C., Hall, P.J., & Slater, S.C. 2003. Massively parallel undergraduates for bacterial genome finishing. ASM News 69:584-585.