Associate Professor

Expertise: Behavioral ecology, Evolution, Herpetology (especially kin selection, cannibalism, competition, life history evolution)

Research Interests

My research interests include kin selection, cannibalism, food web dynamics, and the roles of aggressive behavior and territoriality in competitive exclusion. I use predatory invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles as model systems. My students and I conduct laboratory and field studies to address these topics.

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Recent Courses

BL 156 – Principles of Biology II
BL 222 – Ecology
BL 224 – Terrestrial Ecology lecture and laboratory
BL 370 – Evolution
BL 444 – Advanced Ecology lecture and laboratory
BL 423/523 – Biology of the Amphibia lecture and laboratory
BL 478/581 – Biology Seminar

Selected Publications

Venesky, M.D., A. Hess, J.A. DeMarchi, A. Weil, J. Munroe, C.M. Hickerson, and C.D. Anthony. 2015. Morph specific differences in disease prevalence and pathogen-induced mortality in a terrestrial polymorphic salamander. Journal of Zoology 295:279-285.

Reiter, M.K., C.D.Anthony, and C.M. Hickerson. 2014. Territorial behavior and divergence in a polymorphic salamander. Copeia 2014(3):481-488.

Anthony C.D. and R.A. Pfingsten. 2013. Eastern Red-Backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus. In: Pfingsten, R.A., J.G. Davis, T.O. Matson, G. Lipps, Jr., D. Wynn, and B.J. Armitage (Eds.). Amphibians of Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Bulletin New Series, Volume 17 Number 1.

Acord, M.E., C.M.Hickerson, and C.D. Anthony. 2013. Assortative mating in a polymorphic salamander. Copeia 2013(4):676-683.

Hickerson, C.M., C.D. Anthony, and B.M. Walton. 2012. Interactions among forest-floor guild members in structurally simple microhabitats. American Midland Naturalist 168:30-42.

Anthony, C.D., Venesky, M.D., and C.M. Hickerson. 2008. Ecological separation in a polymorphic terrestrial salamander. Journal of Animal Ecology 77:646-653.

Venesky, M.D. and C.D. Anthony. 2007. Antipredator adaptations and predator avoidance for two color morphs of the Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus. Herpetologica 63:450-458.

Anthony, C.D., Hickerson C.M., and M. D. Venesky. 2007. Responses of juvenile terrestrial salamanders to introduced (Lithobius forficatus) and native centipedes (Scolopocryptops sexspinosus). Journal of Zoology 271:54-62.

Hickerson, C.M., C.D. Anthony, and B.M. Walton. 2005. Edge effects and intraguild predation in native and introduced centipedes: evidence from the field and from laboratory microcosms. Oecologia 146:100-119.