The Charles R. McDonald Chair for Green Corps Director
Cleveland Botanical Garden

My experience in the biology department at John Carroll University is exactly the experience I needed to prepare me for my career. The skills and knowledge I obtained at John Carroll are what propelled me into the position and role that I am in today. The courses in which I participated allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of ecology. As a graduate assistant, I personally dedicated time to reviewing course-related materials for the labs I assisted in so that I could ensure undergraduate students were engaged and learning.

Today, I use this knowledge to help teach and train others so that they can gain the same knowledge and appreciation for not only plants but our environments. As an advisee of Dr. Rebecca Drenovsky, I was able to not only further my understanding of plant ecology and physiology, but I learned about the amount of dedication and work required to provide quality ecological research. The ability to pay attention to details, maintain organization, and follow a sequential process are all skills I developed during my years within the biology department and are skills that I am still applying to this very day.